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wow they are desperate to get people back

Posted by Durakh

wow, this game still exists?

Posted by Jawshua

It's like a bad looking Aion.

Posted by wolf_blitzer85
@Durakh said:

wow, this game still exists?

Yeah it's even on Steam in the F2P list.
Posted by Butler

I'm sure it looked good on paper.

Posted by StrikeALight

@Durakh said:

wow, this game still exists?

I remember being so hyped for this game. Seems like like an eternity ago, now.

The launch box it came in had like 5 or 6 install cds. They never recovered after WOW launched.

Posted by AngryRedPlumber

This almost made me hate Wagner.

Posted by Cloneslayer

@Durakh said:

wow, this game still exists?

Posted by pakattak

@AngryRedPlumber: To be fair, Wagner was a racist, anti semitic bastard.

Posted by Lockeyness

Could not get through the music.

Posted by Zelyre

That music. Ugh.

More like Flight of the Failkyries.

Posted by Hector

Groovy Wagner!

Edited by jASPWN

I'd rather go play Aeon... a game I played for month when it was released and I'm still paying £8.99 a month for now... why can't I remember my login or they could just use simple direct debit so I could easily cancel it. Good times.

Posted by alibson

It looks like a mod for Oblivion.

Posted by Dopey2400

This looks pretty bad

Posted by McGhee

Everquest? What year is it again?

Posted by paulwade1984

looks like they used a normal player to film him and his buddies, then cropped out the chat and status windows.

Posted by FunExplosions

Oh, Flight Wings. As opposed to those other kinds of wings.

Posted by AxleBro

what the fuck? give it up everquest, you've been dead since forever. go make a new game. :/

Posted by I_am_Lono
@FunExplosions: Chickens have wings... "Introducing all new Chicken Wings!" sounds a lot more interesting... and delicious.
Posted by NakAttack

people still play this?

Edited by onan

@FunExplosions said:

Oh, Flight Wings. As opposed to those other kinds of wings.

Red Bull wings. I'm rocking those right now, actually, they're the only thing keeping me afloat.


Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Only crazy people still play it.

Edited by Death_Burnout

wh...whaaaaa?....i don't mean to be harsh but this seemed like a legitimate joke, i guess lighthearted never hurt anybody. I think it was the butchered music that did it for me...maaaan.

Posted by GTCknight

Who the hell is still playing this game?!?!!?

I mean, the number of people still playing it can't be worth the amount of money needed to make this right?

Posted by SejsCube

Wow, that looks goddamn awful. So much for dying quietly, I suppose.

Posted by Jack268

This is pretty goofy. 
Anyway, whatever world pvp was left in this game is ruined now. Woop dee doo.

Posted by Mechabolic

Not great, but not bad for a fan made video that SoE decided to use. It could be worse, see SWTOR.

Posted by Seastalk

I feel the need to be like (almost) everyone else in the comments.


Posted by LordLOC

@GTCknight said:

Who the hell is still playing this game?!?!!?

I mean, the number of people still playing it can't be worth the amount of money needed to make this right?

Lots of people still play it, thank you very much :)

Also, now that it's fully F2P, population wise it shot up big time (like most transition games have done).

Posted by CitizenJP

Lol yiiiikes I dno about this one, SoE.

Edited by bombedyermom

don't let Kim Novak watch this. She'll scream "Rape!" at Wagner dubbed over with rubber bands....

Posted by Krakn3Dfx

Now that it's F2P, I think I might try it out.

Of course, I say that with a lot of MMOs and never bother, but this time might be different, I am totally devoted to checking out Everqu....SQUIRREL!

Posted by DanTheGamer32

Jesus Christ Almighty!! The hell was that? I didn't know whether to laugh or cry

Posted by SunnyTelight

I don't know why I had the urge to do it, but I installed this game again. Made a character, killed a couple bugs. Logged out and then uninstalled it. I think I am good on EQ2 for the rest of life now.

Posted by ussbutte

What in the hell. This looks like something out of Second Life.

Posted by Pimpsandwich

That music could only have been chosen by someone who realized that if they're gonna make a video full of crap, they might as well go balls out.

Posted by chilipeppersman

@Mr_Skeleton: my thoughts exactly

Posted by Franstone


Once again the great minds at Sony have made us all go...


Posted by TheHakku

Oh wow. EverQuest II is still a thing. ...Holy god.

Posted by mavs

Special thanks to:

*the last thirty people playing this game*

Posted by Evilsbane

EQ 2 isn't that bad I played it a little last year and had some decent fun with it but that video was Shit.

Posted by Obsurveyor

@mavs said:

Special thanks to:

*the last thirty people playing this game*

My thoughts exactly. Haha.

Posted by Solskugga

Whait what....the hell....was that

Posted by Doctorchimp

@ZatGerman said:

@mavs said:

Special thanks to:

*the last thirty people playing this game*

My thoughts exactly. Haha.

I was just about to ask if the people they thanked were in the video or were the only ones still playing.

Posted by Suigyoken

I feel that dubstep might have helped this video.

Posted by nihilisticmonkey

So everquest is basically a district of Second Life at this point?

Posted by Fascism

i love all the everquest2 is dead posts, eq2 is far far from dead. Make a toon on freeport server and see how dead it is

Posted by Pop

This just reminds me of that annoying flying weasel in kinectimals xD

Posted by jakob187

To answer some questions and make some comments:

1. "Who is still playing this game?" - Enough that Sony continues to support it. In the MMO world, even having 50,000 subscribers makes you a success, depending on the scale of the game you are running.

2. "What the fuck is up with this video?" - The video was created by the community most likely, as the Special Thanks portion lists a ton of character names of players. In turn, it's not going to be some big, lavish production of a "commercial" or "trailer".

3."Isn't this game dead?" - Actually, The game recently went Free To Play, which has boosted it significantly since that occurred. Before that, the game was still very much populated.

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