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Wow I'm looking forward to this. May just get the first off of PSN to replay it. And I'm quite glad that the bald look has returned. I hated the look of the new Cole.

Posted by RE_Player1

yay old cole is back

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ZOMG HIS HAIR IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Also... first bitches!
Posted by jorbear
@JPO375: Nope. Get outta here.
Posted by EvilMuffin

Yay, Cole looks like Cole again!

Posted by Sovereign13

Cole has hair manipulating powers now!?

Posted by Landon
@JPO375: More like 4th.
Posted by Jetsetlemming

Looks like that "no more 60fps" policy is working for them, the lighting and particles n' shit were notably improved.  
I'm playing through Infamous 1 right now (Bought it on PSN, probably more giddily than necessary over console digital distro) and while it looks really good, it doesn't look THAT good. It has the plus over lots of other open world games that while its low LOD shadows in the distance turn all blocky and terrible like lots of modern games (and like how GTA4's shadows are all the fucking time at every distance even on "Very high" on PC), they don't jiggle and jump and constantly readjust themselves, they just sit there, all square-esque. It's an ugly effect but at least it isn't actively trying to call attention to how ugly it is.

Posted by NekuCTR

The VO is not going to fit that face. Sucker Punch royally screwed up on this one.

Posted by CandleJakk

Good music? Yup. Good trailer? Yup. Let's hope Sucker Punch can make a great sequel. The first was the whole reason I bought a PS3.

Posted by Gabriel

Nice tunes.

Posted by Rapid

Old Cole with new voice...just blame the hormones

Posted by Akrid
@Jetsetlemming:  Pretty sure it was Insomniac that said they are no longer doing 60 fps. Infamous has some stuttering.
Posted by sfighter21
@Haru48 said:

" The VO is not going to fit that face. Sucker Punch royally screwed up on this one. "

 Well, lets wait and see.  I haven't given up faith in them... I'm still pumped about this game!  Not hype though, that only pertains to street fighter, lol.
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Love House of the Rising Sun

Posted by RaccoonusDoodus


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Oh shit, that's right. I get Sucker Punch confused with Insomniac because they're both third party devs that are PS3 exclusive and make games I like. I just watched the Resistance 3 trailer after this one and thought that they both were obviously directed by the same guy at the company. :P  

Well, they definitely improved the engine by the looks of it, anyway.
Posted by BionicMonster
@Falx said:
" Love House of the Rising Sun "
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Infamous 2: Cole's Return. 
Edit: That song is pretty damn awesome.

Posted by RTSlord

Oh wow, Loving the tunes

Posted by RobotHamster

I jizzed.

Posted by JackSukeru

That is a fucking great song!
As for the trailer, pretty good way to do one overall, even if it's been done before. 
Also I can't tell, is Cole's T-shirt yellow? cause it should be.

Posted by dbz1995

Unique and very awesome trailer...thing.

Posted by hagridore
Yay for characters not becoming completely different people. 
Looking at you, Rachel Dawes.
Posted by Lavos
@hagridore: oh man, Rachel Dawes. I was CHEERING when she died.
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Man, the "CHUNK" sound makes me think of really bad commercials. Generally, you shouldn't want to evoke the feeling of really bad commercials when making a trailer people choose to watch. 
Oh also, I love when like, in TF2, after you DC everything stops moving and it becomes very surreal for a few seconds before being booted out. Always a pleasure really, however accidental that is. Makes me wish there was an FPS that experimented with freezing time because it would be a fantastic spectacle. 

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I wasn't really that bothered with the new look, but I definitely prefer the recognizable Cole (looks-wise).

Posted by yyZiggurat

inFamous:  Treme

Posted by spankingaddict


Posted by dantheman1515

Awesome, loved the music in the trailer. Also the redesign of Cole looks better.

Posted by S0ndor

Nathan Drake is out, Cole is back!

Posted by onlineatron
@Jetsetlemming said:
 Looks like that "no more 60fps" policy is working for them  
That's a quote from Insomniac, this is Sucker Punch.
Posted by Yummylee

Cole....is back! <3. inFAMOUS is always one with picking great music for their trailers, though The Animals original is better imo.

Posted by Box3ru13

anybody have the song name/artist?  
Plus it was a pretty badass trailer, for just still shots, not as good as R3 trailer which was probably the best live action trailer I've ever seen for a game. 

Posted by AURON570

this just in, Cole is once again almost bald =). Still looks a bit scrawny compared to old Cole, but oh well. Can't wait to hear some more details on new gameplay mechanics and whatnot.

Posted by papercut

Seems he got that much needed hair cut...

Posted by artofwar420

The first one looked good, but this one, it looks amazing. In motion things only get better.

Posted by JoelTGM

Great trailer.

Posted by Floppypants

This game really can't come out soon enough for me.

Posted by MisterMollusk

Man, i really oughtta get a ps3 one of these days.

Posted by doejonathan
Buster Poindexter - House of the Rising Sun
Posted by eccentrix

Stay classy.

Posted by Fontan
@BionicMonster said:
" @Falx said:
" Love House of the Rising Sun "
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Amazing Trailer. 
Edit: My headphone was unplugged, giving the soundtrack a distorted sound, and only clearly hearing the piano. This trailer is only pretty good now. I suggest you dingly with your headphone until you get my experience.

Posted by Silver-Streak

While I had no problems with Cole having hair, I did have problems with his facial structure changing. He actually looked younger in the first rendition of him they had for IF2. That, and he looked closer to a cousin of Nathan Drake's than Cole himself.  The cheekbones were different, as was the nose structure, etc.
While we barely get a split second look at the new rendition of Cole for IF2, his jawline and facial structure seems much more similar to IF1 Cole. With that in mind, that's fantastic. Thank you SuckerPunch

Posted by Cramsy

Theater mode for infamous 2 confirmed.

Posted by Codas

 Sucker Punch couldn't be bothered to make another trailer, so they froze everything in debug mode, panned the camera around, and just added the first track on Jim's iTunes.  
Holy shit, that's ingenious.

Posted by guiseppe

"They Cole the rising sun"? Anyway, nice! :D

Posted by twinkie_factory

I want now. :D

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