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Posted by Seram

I need an mp3 of this.

Posted by Coltonio7

Baha, that's the best way to do a DLC trailer.

Luv the song, would love an MP3 as well

Posted by Kraznor

That was pretty awesome. If only all map packs were free.

Posted by Gizmo

Monolith are brilliant with their videos.

Edited by TheKidNixon

Yeah...but...I mean...what?

Maybe I missed something, but has the FEAR series had any real sense of humor and I just missed it?

Posted by AndrewB

If only I cared about FEAR 2 multiplayer in the slightest, because I generally love these CS Rats type maps.

Posted by MasterSplinter

wow.. fantastic.

Posted by FrEeZe


Posted by FlipperDesert

I must admit, that was pretty extreme.

... I kinda wanna go watch some saturday morning cartoons now.

Posted by Tirrandir

I don't even own FEAR 2 and I kinda want this.

Posted by Binman88

Reminds me of the Big Rooms mod maps for Raven Shield.

Still, in order to convince me to play more FEAR 2 online, there would need to be more than three people playing in the world at any time. Last I checked there were barely any servers or players playing the PC version at all.

Posted by Moridin

I have to give them MAD props for the song.

Posted by Nasar7

That was the greatest trailer I've ever seen

Posted by El_Dom

Holy crap that is the best ad ive ever seen for a new map pack

Posted by ManMadeGod

Did that just say download for free? wow!

Posted by SenorDingDong

Very nice trailer.  And rhyming 'encounter' with 'counter'.  Genius.

Posted by Krenor


Posted by Morris

such a funny trailer, and for free!

Posted by Aeterna

Oh my god. Awesome. xD

Posted by Zebadee

That was epic, I wish I could have been in the recording studio when they were doing that.

Posted by Colonel_Fury

I guess its time to dust off my FEAR 2 disc.

Posted by wrecks

Christ on a cracker that rocks!

Posted by Winternet


Posted by Artimisticus

Great trailer, just great. Can't beat the price either

Posted by Serker

looks like they had a lot of fun makin that stuff... kinda makes me want to finally play FEAR 2

Posted by HT101

If I had that game I would totally get this just because it's free and this trailer was freaking hilarious.

Posted by BiggerBomb

Absofuckinglutely fucking amazingly fucking awesome. That's one of the funniest things I have seen all year.

Posted by Ineedaname

Exactly what freeze said I was about to type. So De_rats anyone?

Posted by Rain_1

This is totally awesome. The song made the clip worth it. Kudos to whoever did this.

Posted by Bucketdeth

thats awesome, and it's free, great job to them, I actually want to try this out.

Posted by Colin


Posted by JoelTGM

wow LOL

Posted by LaszloKovacs

This is strange, and completely great.

Free, cool content with a rad song attached? Yes, please.

Posted by Xolare

Dear....Christ....Almighty. Greatest DLC Trailer


Posted by ArbitraryWater

This is the best map pack trailer EVER! Too bad Fear 2 multiplayer is nothing special.

Posted by DeadMonkeys

wha... what?!? Dude YES!

Posted by VWGTI

That song is going to be stuck in my head for days.

Posted by Scooper

Yeah, totally needs de_rats

Posted by Moeez

Poor guy's throat! FREE, now is me off to buy Fear 2, Monolith is epic awesome. 

Posted by dQuarters

I cried a little.

Posted by DBoy

My favorite word in the English language: Free.

Posted by Lukeweizer

That was amazing!

Posted by Osaladin

That's awesome.

Posted by addictedtopinescent

This actually makes me want to play some of this, and free is a great price I say.

Having to find some people playing Fear2 online is the problem.
Posted by Mercanis

Looking at the comments, it looks like everyone's feeling the same way I feel about this: most convincing DLC trailer ever.

Posted by Gregomasta

wow, DLCoty

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the maps looked like they were made for a normal play through, and they just shrunk the players, and now everything looks shitty up close. look at that sink for instance. 

Posted by Hobbitgoth

There needs to be a DLC for that song!

Posted by yyZiggurat

great trailer

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