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lol lucky chan

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That's an awesome PC case...

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Empty treasure chest, but it's awesome!

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Needs more Tested cross-overs!

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"PC load letter? The fuck does that mean?"

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the marble drink is most likely ramine. Amazed none of the anime-vice people chimed in on that

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The tiny crabs are awesome! They taste like real crab
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I want that case.

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Haha, I love norm
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lol they didn't follow the stage directions at all!!!

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@Djeffers03 said:
" "PC load letter? The fuck does that mean?" "
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03:28 - Logitech MX518...mmm wonder who's that is.

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Giant Bomb has crabs!

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Screenshot looked like Bill Gates for a split second there. Sorry Norm!

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I love the new office. But I always miss the old one :x

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2:30 - 2:32
I Love Mondays.

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"Fuck you, Canada" - Will Smith

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oh god, bad time to watch a GB video during lunch

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Cool PC case!  Loving the glass exterior stuff - that's something I would have never thought of.  And what's pocky?

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Lol, Mailbag time means snack time for all Whiskey Media employees.

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Jeff's 'stache stat is increasing exponentially it seems.

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ARE THOSE TWINKIES GONE ALREADY!? AND JEFF WANTS MORE!!!!! sorry for the caps lock, but really giantbomb users, we are killing our favorite game reviewers with junk food, (well they eat badly on their own anyway, but holy twinkies are gone....).

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hahah Pocky is mentioned and the Asian comes running!
Just like myself and those choco koalas.

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Drew is crazy.

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Haha oh god, I'm with Norm on this one. 
If there's just one way to the heart of an Asian, it's definetely Pocky.
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Muh ha ha ha... POCKYS!!!    

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Man... I want in on some of those crabs.

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Ha! As if Anime Vice actually existed. Well played, sir.
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Ew, flavored ramune. Just get the original lemon-lime. I was surprised to see Norm go wild after hearing about Pocky. I'm Asian, and the first archetype to run after Pocky that comes to mind would be white, female otaku. Pocky is just pocky. Something you grew up eating. Not special.

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You guys are very weird.

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Giant Pocky. Thats all that I want now.

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Oh man, I've totally had that "frog eggs" drink. It's actually sweeter and a bit thicker than you would imagine. Overall, it definitely tastes better than it looks.

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I like the bald dude walking by at 7:13, he wants nothing to do with the bullshit going on there.
Does Whiskey have some strange rule that they only hire women if they're under 5' tall?
Pocky is for girls, I think Norm just outed himself.

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pretty crazy mail bag!

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@Bib said:
" @Junpei:Ha! As if Anime Vice actually existed. Well played, sir. "
Anime Vice is run by robots.  Fitting actually.
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Everyone went nuts because there was POCKY!

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The best bit on that Cheetah Power Surge was the Caffeine Free label.

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Yes the Ramune are awesome I had one of them at Fan Expo. Basically the marble is used to seal in the carbonation so when you push it down with the included plunger the drink like any carbonated drink becomes all fizzy and well than you drink it.


I'm from the UK and 99% of all food and beverages shown on Whiskey Sites I have never heard of. I'll stick to Mince and Tatties than you :D

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Before this video, I had no idea what Pockys were. Now I want some.

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well you know who should try the pickled lemons don't you, Intern Steve!

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I love how that energy drink Alex had was Caffeine Free. Cool can though.
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There needs to be more Sara on camera... 

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Probably my favorite mailbag.
Someday I'm gonna go to San Fransisco and help the crew finish all those weird drinks and snacks. I love shit like that. Whenever I'm in a strange city, first order of the day is go to an asian market and stock up on crazy stuff. 7 times out of 10 it'll taste awesome.
True story!