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Posted by Rinkalicous

It's about time! Where else would everyone on Giant Bomb get annoyed with each other then in the comments to the QOTW? Let the good times roll!

Edited by Dirty_Harry

Dear god..

Posted by Antipunk217

They pobably couldn't post it b/c they were too busy throwing up.....this is vile.

Posted by jim_dandy

Okay, last one was just creepy. o_o

Posted by papercut


Posted by Daniel_Newton

The first guy wins for actually eating all of his and not dying.
Who the hell has toothpaste in a tub like that? That's just weird. TOOTHPASTE SHOULD BE IN A TUBE!
Not a single burger to be seen, I am disappointed.

Posted by Speaker4TheDead

Lemon and Dirty Dan have made it so Vinny will no longer want to work for GB...dear god that's creepy

Posted by YetiAntics

well, im not eating any hot dogs anymore after watching both videos.
Posted by Blaaze89

scary people

Edited by supermike6

 What The Fuck was with that last one? Are they crazy or something? I found that intensely creepy.  
EDIT: Also, not very funny.

Posted by jasius

Brad ready for a hotdog? Was he carrying on the "metaphor" thing or just the overall video?

Posted by drowsap

why just why my taste bud are now ruined  just from watching that

Posted by Camosid

The toothpaste one sounded like Shawn Elliot was holding the camera.

Posted by nrain


Posted by Winternet

The first one is creepier. But has extra points for Junes music.

Posted by joe731jk

lemon needs to stop doing these.

Posted by metalsnakezero


Posted by Gamer_152

Well that might be the most disturbing thing I've ever heard from Lemon and Dirty Dan, I can't help but wonder what Vinny's reaction to this was. Overall a pretty good QOTW.

Posted by Milkman

First two were completely disgusting. Last one was a failure on about every level. Didn't even attempt to answer the question, wasn't funny and was generally creepy.

Posted by OmegaRadium

....Brad is ready for a hotdog? I hope he didn't top it with Vinny's special condiment. :\

Posted by Ariketh
@joe731jk said:
" lemon needs to stop doing these. "
No way. I enjoy Lemon's videos.
Posted by Althox
@Winternet said:
" The first one is creepier. But has extra points for Junes music. "
Extra points for that! And the best one too for putting in the effort to actually eat that... tasty... hotdog.
Posted by RagingLion

Papercut made me properly lol after his comment at the end.

Posted by Shadowsquire

Really don't know what to say about the last one by lemon. Never again?
Posted by buzz_killington

Lemon is starting to freak me out...

and I think the guy who made the hot dog in the first video is dead by now.

Posted by papercut
@buzz_killington said:

and I think the guy who made the hot dog in the first video is dead by now.

no..no...I'm still hanging on
Posted by GamerGeek360

I really hope that guy didn't eat the whole toothpaste hot dog because that much floride in your system could really mess you up.

Posted by MCXCI

The last one was hilarious! 

Posted by anthama

I like how dirty dan and lemon have made a random, personal life-long mission to make Vinny's job as hard as possible.

Posted by Vigorousjammer

Favorite one this week is Papercut.
The toothpaste hotdog was also good, even if you do have to reset your VCR's timer... and even if that video wasn't from year 2000, seeing as how that kid was wearing a Gears of War 2 shirt.

Posted by Brunchies

God lemon and dirty dan, that last one was creepy as hell. 

Edited by wowme

first one:  crusty and gross (aint talkin bout that dog) 
2nd: was ok  
3rd: laugh my asses off, loved it definitely wouldn't want vinny's juices on my dog &
definitly answered the question as always in a harmonious fashion 

Posted by PillClinton

lemon and dirty dan...c'mon...just quit while you're ahead.  Although it may be too late for that now

Posted by Getz

The picture they put in the background of their question was of nachos, yet everyone did hot dogs! Where's the originality?

Posted by JoelTGM


Posted by Mjolnir

I usually like the Lemon/Dirty Dan videos, but I refuse to watch anything involving the defamation of Vinny.

Posted by Terrents

skrew you guys lemon and dirty dan are chill and they should keep making more awesome videos
Posted by Red12b

I saw Lemon's and Dirty Dans vid on Youtube, been waiting for QOTW for the responses they'd get,  
I thought it was hilarious, creepy? fuck yeah, but so is the photoshop thread.

Posted by Scratch

I think we have all had a little too much of lemon's videos now.

Posted by artofwar420

That was excellent. Very sexy taime.

Posted by pwnasaurus
@Ariketh said:
" @joe731jk said:
" lemon needs to stop doing these. "
No way. I enjoy Lemon's videos. "

me too dont stop Lemon!
Posted by Besetment
@jasius said:
" Brad ready for a hotdog? Was he carrying on the "metaphor" thing or just the overall video? "
The opening and closing comments for every qotw so far have had nothing to do with the actual submissions. I have a feeling they record them before editing in the videos.
Posted by FunExplosions

I give papercut props for two things. Eating all of his amazing meal, and going on camera with that goatee(s).

Posted by NubMonk

I usually like Lemon and Dirty Dans vids, and i don't think they should stop, but this one was uhhh....just kind of a bit much.

Edited by jos1ah

Was that really toothpaste in that one video??  You can't eat that shit!  RIP fellow duder. 
The last vid was awful, but if GB is gonna post it at least let Vinny be the guy hosting this week's clip.  Missed opportunity.
Posted by Kowbrainz

I love how Brad says he's ready for a hotdog right after Lemon and Dan get done explaining it's really a metaphor...

Posted by Landmine

People singing about beef bayonet on the internet tubes? Never.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN


Posted by Dante369

You should all be ashamed.

Posted by kagekage

Ok, Lemon and Dirty Dan: The "question" was show what's the worst thing you can put on a hotdog; NOT to make a stupid song about an immature subject. 
Although Papercut's was pretty damn nasty. And by nasty I mean just the relish ;)

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