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Edited by Venatio

Exciting! but wait what? Wheres Kentia Hall? Also this video is way to short

Posted by shroom


Posted by Six

start over again....

Posted by Mikemcn


Posted by Renegade

Noooooo!! Kentia hall was taken at such a young age =(

Posted by Insectecutor


Posted by imayellowfellow

LOOOOL "i think its in the back of this chevy"

Posted by JohnDudebro

I was waiting for someone to fall to their knees and burst into tears.

Posted by Stephen_Von_Cloud

When I saw the name of the clip I was wondering what was up, haha

Posted by DawnShinto

"I think its in the back of this chevy" LMAOOOOO

Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God


Posted by ChocolateCoffin


Posted by KingOfIceland

I was wondering about what had happened to that part of the shuw. aparently they're showing off used cars.

Posted by Kontrapunkt

That's sad... There's always next year, maybe, possibly, I hope :(

Posted by PLWolf

LOL!! Poor Kentia Hall. :(

Posted by AkasoFailsOnGiantBomb

Downer ending, man.

Posted by Myomoto


Posted by FrEeZe

I like how Jeff doesn't make the effort of editing out the first few seconds of the video.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Take that, innovation!

Posted by dagas

Kentia Hall was like the back room of E3. You never knew what you would find there. I guess it's because of the economy, those indie developers with their crazy inventions can't afford it anymore. I speak of it as I've been there which I haven't, but I've heard a lot about it over the years from people who have.

Posted by Demonstride

Hilarious lol.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Haha....too bad.

Posted by MeatSim

You got it all wrong Kentia Hall is just the car trade show segment of E3 what do cars have to do with E3 you say? I do not know.

Posted by snarkie

I LOL'd as soon as I saw the tweet come through.  Excellent idea, gentlemen!

Posted by JackiJinx


Posted by Death_Burnout

Where are the Kentia Hall hotdogs indeed! man, it is kinda sad and funny. Good times down there.

Posted by isomeri

This made me so sad!

Posted by LaszloKovacs

I love this video.

Posted by Irishjohn

You guys are naturals at this acting game!!!  Pretty funny.

Posted by Flapke

War has changed!

Posted by NAMMY

Lol, the dumbfoundedness reminds me of Spinal Tap for some reason.

Posted by jakob187


Then it wasn't E3...  -_-
Posted by CoolDrMoney

So it looks like Activision is publishing a new racing game. I mean look at all those peripherals.

Posted by Subject2Change

Is that where Drew was lost forever? In the endless surplus of cars?

Posted by FCKSNAP

It would be funny if there was one last guy standing there, trying to sell them KFC chicken holders for their gaming chairs. "Hey guys! Thanks for coming out and keeping The Scene alive!"

Posted by okuzy
@Venatio said:
" Exciting! but wait what? Wheres Kentia Hall? Also this video is way to short "
thats the point lol
Posted by Aaox

I'm sad now for some reason.

Posted by TheIneffableBob
Posted by CitizenKane

Damn you population growth with your new parking lots!

Posted by Winternet


Posted by TheClap

I like how Jeff gets on his tip-toes to look for it behind all the cars.

Posted by bigdaddyjack21


Posted by Scorched


Posted by Wright

jeff be lookin at your vehicles, outside shoppin.

Posted by MrCHUP0N

Poor Kentia. This is kind of sad. End of an era, my friends. End of an era.

Posted by CleverLoginName

All I heard about kentia hall from you guys in the past was hotdogs, lemonade, and guitar hero... damn the people who ruined that!

Posted by GozerTC

You know if they moved the contents of Kentia hall (which was hilarious the year I went) to some other hall it'd be one thing, but to totally do away with it like this?  For shame!

Posted by MasturbatingBear

Dude that sucks. I loved Kentia Hall. nFunny/Depressing video.

Posted by HT101

That was a hilarious video.  It is sad that I was never able to go there even though I've never been to E3 ever.

Posted by ValiantGoat


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