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Dude, what??? That was strangely amazing...

Posted by lemon360


Posted by WulfBane

Never played FFXI, but its good to see they are still at least putting some new events in even with FFXIV already announced as coming soon.  And heck, an attack of cute little plushy looking critters sure fits the world.

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Posted by Zebadee

What did I just watch?

Posted by faustyn

prepare yourself for the Kupocalypse? srsly? god :X

Posted by Jeremy_x

the sunglasses kupos are looking truly badass!

Posted by LtSquigs

Wow never expected to see news about FFXI to show up on giantbomb, is it a slow news day or something?

Posted by killdave

Ah dude ... now I have to cut myself to take away the pain of watching that!

Posted by Reverseface

Thats how rain is made............IT ALL BEGAN WITH A RAINDROP

Posted by Noodles


Posted by TheFreeMan

"Prepare yourself for the Kupocalypse"

FUCK YES. Whoever wrote this is a goddamn genius.

Posted by AURON570

horrayyyy kupo!

Posted by MeatSim

What? nonsense.

Posted by FCKSNAP
@LtSquigs said:
" Wow never expected to see news about FFXI to show up on giantbomb, is it a slow news day or something? "
What news? This is promotional material in the video section.
Posted by okuzy

I just got a migraine and this does NOT help lol

Posted by Kyle

As I suppose is to be expected because I do not play FFXI, this makes absolutely no sense to me.

Posted by Osphere

I can't help but support a video with moogles in it.  :P

Posted by Crono

Terrible music; missed its relevance by nearly 30 years.

Posted by James89

WTF! Japanese trailers are so damm weird.

Posted by Eros
@sidescroller: Same... same...
Posted by zhinse

A little Explanation I'll try to give?
In FFXI you have a Moghouse where you can store items, rearange furniture, pick up delivery and garden, etc. From what i can guess, the scenario looks like that moogle that runs your mog house deserts you. So it looks like its a quest to regain its trust. 
These little mini expansions are ten bucks each, This is the second of 3. I heard the first of the mini-expansions was weak. This one looks much more fun. unfortunately i just canceld my characters this day. 

Posted by RazielCuts


Posted by Joey2683
@Crono said:
"Terrible music; missed its relevance by nearly 30 years."

I actually liked the music.
Posted by Xelloss

Moogles are the shit, enough said.

Posted by Lestater

Now if only this game was fun to play. =/

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Maybe if they achieve true power, they can have the opportunity explain just what the hell species they are.

Posted by SunKing

Pure win. :D

Posted by corgorav

The horror... the horror...

Posted by CornishRocker

"Kupo d'Etat"... That's bad.

Posted by dbz1995
@RazielCuts said:
Your...minds? DUDE? WTF ARE YOU?
Posted by JeffGoldblum
@James89 said:
" WTF! Japanese trailers are so damm weird. "
I dont think that was Japanese...
There was an ESRB rating at the beginning and the whole thing was in English.
Posted by nrain


Posted by Cerza

lol. looks like a lot of fun. shame me and everyone else in my linkshell no longer play FFXI.

Posted by Meltbrain

Hahahahaha, the "Kupocalypse". That's so stupid and cheesy it's awesome. Moogles are pretty rad.

Posted by Boiglenoight

FFXI was fun, but the install dance is so awful I have no desire to ever play it again.

Posted by suneku

This game gave me some great MMO memories.

Posted by Det1

We could always use more cute, tiny anthropomorphic pigs.

Posted by Roddra
@keef: The Vana'diel Collection put everything one one DVD and knocked out the process for me. Seemed it even had some patches on there, too, considering how quick the process was compared to years before. My wife bought one just so she wouldn't have to use the discs anymore, aside from wanting the (then) latest expansion. Think it just went down to US$20, too.
Posted by joelalfaro

Is this the next mmo-goodbye endurance run? When is this ending?

Posted by Rexicon

Oh man, its those crazy japanese again.

Posted by RJPelonia

That is going to be the most adorable rebellion ever.

Posted by squidracerX

kinda made me wanna play it! But we all agree at least that that was the BEST Final Fantasy music EVER, right!? (i really do love it I just don't wanna put words in everyone else's mouth).

Posted by Jayzilla

yay for 80's synth music? am i crazy for wondering how anyone can get excited for a FF game after watching something like that?!? the craziest part is that i bet some FF fans out there got goosebumps from watching that.

Posted by Rhyno

Oh, fuck you Square Enix! Right in your eye!

Posted by dibiase77

what in GWAR was/is this!?

Posted by GhostStrykre

man i loved FFXI... i really loved it... but good lord wtf was that?!

Posted by NMC2008

Never again, I will never play this shit again.

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Shit? Agree to disagree. I spent 6 years off and on playing the crap out of this MMORPG. I bet you can guess my favorite announcement at E3 2009 huh? I nearly creamed myself when FF14 was shown. I'm ready to drop another 6+ years of my life to a FF MMO.

FFXI is a game that rewards patience in spades. Never has a game given me such accomplishment and a sense of ownership as this. I made a lot of awesome social net buddies and everyday a new challenge awaited me that was well put together. Having fun with this game was an under statement; it was pure gaming bliss.
Posted by Media_Master


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