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Posted by Cynical_M

never been  a Final Fantasy kinda guy,but this looks pretty cool.

Posted by Serker

i agree wit cynical

Posted by ferrarimanf355

This may be the first Final Fantasy I buy, hope it's good.

Posted by K3vinkha0S

Wow, looking good

Posted by DECA555


just wow 
Posted by darkjester74

Looks great, excited to finally play it on my 360.  :D

Posted by TekZero

I wasn't too interested in this game until I saw this video.  I'll keep an eye out for it.

Posted by HiroSeven

Just what I'd expect from SE, great quality stuff!

Edited by Goldanas

All these games look the same, just new set pieces: same style, acting, characters, nonsensical magic, overly dramatic music. I'm tired of seeing this and tired of seeing people play the same game over and over. The guy was punching dudes as they shot him. He was punching a big fat monster demon creature and launching it into the air. C'mon. In the cinemas he looked like a regular dude rallying whoever he could to help him win. If he's punching giant demons, why does he need weak followers with guns that pose no threat to anyone because fists are the new bullets. For as realistic as they're trying to make the game look, it just looks like a big joke.

How can you still have women dress like that and still try to have them considered seriously. They're just going to be someone's dopey love interest infused with paradoxical innocence. Aside from shirtless, why can't the men dress like this. Where are my speedo dudes, just barely covering up the man meat? It's like all the dudes got to be hard asses that are secretly sensitive on the inside.

How can anyone seriously play this and not be embarrassed? This stuff is pathetic. It plays to the lowest denominator.

I guess if you're really tied into tradition, then that's what you're into, but sometimes it's okay to break tradition.

Posted by pepper

After looking at the gameplay, I can confirm one thing. Nothing has changed with Final Fantasy, and I bet it will not sell very well here because the average gamer who does not go on sites like Giant Bomb or Shacknews does not care about JRPG's anymore.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

I lost my taste for Final Fantasy after FFX, but the new combat looks like it could be really interesting. I guess I'll see when this comes out.

Posted by makari

Looks like the battle system gimmick this time around is having three actions per ATB turn that you can chain into sweet looking combos. Makes the combat look flashier, but I hope its a little deeper than just three actions a turn instead of one.

Posted by Matches_Malone

Its looking good. Can't wait!

Posted by Killroycantkill

I'm glad that they are taking the battle system somewhere new. I was getting tired of all the turn based JRPG's and it's awesome to see them take it somewhere new.

Posted by stan

I'm guessing the three actions per ATB can be chained with actions other party members chain up too? It's an interesting system, very rich, with huge potential.

Posted by Aaox

I wish Final Fantasy would go back to it's roots and do that medieval stuff again. I know it's been done to death, but I love it that era.

Posted by DukeTogo

Yep, that's a FF game.  I lost my fondness for JRPGs after DQ8, that game clearly showed that while it was fun to do the same thing again after twenty years, these games have not changed in that time.  Sure the technology improves and the art styles get changed around, but at the core these games are no different than the earlier games from the 8-16 bit days.  If you still play them and enjoy them fine, but just realize that these games are stagnant and your continued business just means Square can sell you anything without trying to innovate beyond how many hairstyles they can give to androgenous characters.

Posted by Seraphim

It looks like they're going to use something like Chrono Trigger used for a battle system.  If so, I'd be s-t-o-k-e-d.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Looks like Final Fantasy. Which is a bad thing.

Posted by mossman93

I'm surprised at how many people have never played a Final Fantasy game. That's kinda like never playing a Mario game.  This look like a good enough place to start as any though.  I'm excited.

Posted by Breadfan

Another Final Fantasy that looks like every other Final Fantasy, no thanks

Posted by ScottEFresh

I've never been a FF fan but this actually looks kick ass.

Posted by ElectricHaggis

Metal Gear!?!?

Posted by Coltonio7


Posted by Rio

Looks fantastic, its too bad we probably wont see it till next year.

Posted by JJOR64

The graphics look amazing for a Final Fantasy game.  I just wonder how the achievements/trophies will be.

Posted by JoblessTerence

Wow, what terrible voice acting. Could anyone understand the dialogue they were mumbling?
(jokes) ;)

Posted by RVonE

not turn-based, eh? That's too bad. It looks cool though, and I'll probably enjoy it. I just wish they'd do a good old fashioned turn-based rpg.

Edited by samcotts

My hype for this game has slightly died. Like RVonE, I was hoping for turn based action, because the combat doesn't look that good at all to be honest, and eventhough I don't play Final Fantasy games for the fights, it's still a big disappointment that it will not be turn based, and I can see the combat ruining the entire game for me.

Posted by lordofultima

Final Fantasy will never just do a turn-based battle system again. We should all accept this.

Posted by Hector

I can't wait for this!

Posted by killdave

Yeah, once again I'll stick to Western RPG's ...

Posted by KinjiroSSD

Looks great. Too bad US PS3 gamers have to wait even longer now.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

I have no clue what just happened?

Posted by giyanks22

Japanese isn't very dramtic

Looks amazing

Sqaure Enix yu betta deliva (Speaking what little Japanese I know)

Posted by Serker

to mossman93:

I think if u just never played them as a kid that double digit number for their subsequent sequels makes the franchise near impenetrable. id like to play them... i just dont know where to start.

Edited by Milkman

Final Fantasy is pretty much the only JRPG I can get excited about. And not even because it does anything interesting, just because it says Final Fantasy. I really had no idea what was going on as far as storyline went but I am interested to see what exactly was going on there with the combat. It looks kinda turn-based but not. I hope Square uses the Gambit system from Final Fantasy XII. Turn based combat is dead. Plain and simple.

Also, I don't mean to sound racist or anything, but Japanese voice acting sounds mad dumb.

Posted by Dauragon

Well looks like I'm stoked for a final fantasy game, yet again.

Edited by Geno

Omfg more real time battle garbage in the tropical future. Every FF after 9 has failed hard, when will they learn?

Posted by Canthros

Great big meh.

Looks fantastic, but the FF series has always looked fantastic for its day. It also looks a lot like the technomagical schtick they've been carrying through most of the games since six or so (something got lost, I think, when Nomura replaced Amano). Gameplay looks uninteresting. The menus seem very flashy, but don't appear to convey any more information than usual. The cinematics look very impressive, but also very much like FF8, FFX, and Advent Children. It's a style I like in isolation, but I've had all of it I want at this point.

There's one other thing: if you're going to play this because it's an FF game, why? Other than production values, the FF games really haven't had much of a unifying theme. Even the few common world elements have been reduced to cameos or been completely absent from most of the games since 7. In which case, what would be the difference between playing FFXIII vs playing any other AAA JRPG?

That kvetching done, I hope those who are looking forward to the game enjoy it. It's just clear to me that I'm no longer interested.

Posted by MasterSplinter

Yeah so like I kinda wanna play this.

Posted by GrassyNoel

Drat!! I wanted it to be turn based:(

Posted by TobyD81

I dig Final Fantasy, and this one looks pretty cool. Only problem is I've only seen how it looks and I don't know much about how it plays. I'm confident in the game, but what is really going on with the story, and how does the combat work? Squenix must really think they have something up their sleeve with this one, as it's not just a game, but a franchise from the start. Hope this all turns out well!

Posted by DarkEnzanArikado

Its cool yeah...I like Japanese voice acting really, I think the english voice acting is kinda weird...The japanese is the way they intended and in english it is just different and not really my taste. I wish you can choose options for what language you want to hear because that would be cool. But other then that, its a cool trailer, would like to see more of it.

Posted by Pibo47


Dude, i am on the same page as you...i cannot stand JRPG's...especially the FF games. Same damn thing over and over again.
Posted by gamefreak9

GOld w/e u have no idea what your talking about, all ff games introduce new mechanics and u cannot critisize imagination, i personally despise realism takes no thought, you cant blame the game for being creative and delivering a whole new world to us. Final Fantasy's all rock and ive finished them all 1-12, and none of them have sucked (except maybe 11 because i was playing wow at the same time).

Final Fantasy delivers on story, graphics, gameplay, characted development and is alot more complex as a game than 99 per cent of games released out there so i understand if some ppl just dont have the patience to play it but critisizing it is just being obtuse.

Posted by zityz

Looks really good, I havent touched a Final Fantasy anything since 9 (not including movie) I got worn out on them, they became too samey, its like after 6 they kept copying paste the same plot script ideas with different characters. My buddy gave me 12 and it's sitting in a box in my storage closet, cause I really never have any intention what-so-ever to open it up and play it.

That being said, this looks really good, and I may actually buy it. I like the futuristic look to it, cause frankly all these jrpgs and wrpgs based off of medieval settings are getting fucking boring, all too samey. Not enough (good) rpgs taking a futuristic or space approach so heres to hoping it turns out to be one of those!

Edited by stenchlord

Here's hoping it's a keeper.

Posted by GunnBjorn

The only ever RPG i've played that totally utterly truly enveloped me was Chrono Trigger(SNES).
FF13 might be my second attempt into RPG's...

Posted by ArclightBorealis
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