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Well like Child of Light the art style is pretty smooth but need to see some gameplay and not trailer. I am all for art, but it is easy to not have substance.

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hopefully the gameplay turns out decent, i read it was slightly puzzle based. and the dog dies in the end, calling it.

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Cool art style. Interesting premise.


I'll counter with: all characters die, doggy lives. :)

Posted by ILikePopCans

Looks interesting as all hell. Its got me hook for sure, and with a vague 2014 release, I'm not too surprise no gameplay was showed yet.

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I love the Ubi Art label. It's as if they are trying to say 'we aren't those Blood Dragon philistines.' :p

Posted by thatdutchguy

I´m interested.

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Posted by Akyho

Very interesting. I almost want it to be a animated movie more than a game.

Posted by Pink_o_mat

Ubi Art is bringing it!

Posted by Mesklinite

@akyho: I too would be just as happy to just listen to the narrator and the music.

Posted by Fram

Incredible trailer! Concept, style, execution, all top notch. Can't wait to see more!

Posted by ross2075

looks cool

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Year of the Dog!

Posted by pakattak

Not nearly enough material is done with World War 1.

Posted by Uberjannie

This game looks promising by the art and music alone. No idea what kind of game it is though. But I hope it is a good game.

Posted by Irvandus

I'm so into this. Here's hoping it's an adventure game or something else I could get behind.

Posted by MeatSim

World War 1 games are gonna be the next big thing.

Posted by b33

cool trailer, i was not expecting something so serious out of this.

Posted by Giantstalker

I don't think the art style goes so well with the kind of tone this trailer seems to strike. I studied a lot of WW1 history though, so maybe I take the setting too seriously. We'll see for sure once some gameplay comes out.

Posted by bybeach

Coming out on PC, I will be watching for this. A good trailer for a few reasons, have to see gameplay.

Posted by Nation764

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This is awesome

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Do we really need a dog story to teach us WWI?

Overall looking forward to seeing more coverage of this game

Posted by tehsorrow

So what sort of gameplay style would suit WW1? Bullet hell?

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Really looking forward to this.

Posted by Roboculus92

This reminds me of that movie War Horse with the whole having an animal move from owner to owner part, except now it's a dog.

Posted by Sweep

Cautiously optimistic. Love the art style!

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Posted by ImBigInJapan

Cool art style. Interesting premise.


I'll counter with: all characters die, doggy lives. :)

The dog survives in the trenches by eating the hearts of its fallen masters.

Posted by friarmark

Intrigued, but not digging "German Empire" on the map.

Posted by VALVeJunkie

We have what seems to be 4 crosses at the end of the trailer so death bet for me is split on 2 endings: Dog w/ last human in the timeline or everyone makes it but the dog eats it, and it bums everyone out.

A cooler outcome would be that it is an interactive adventure kind of thing, and being based off real letters maybe they take liberties with anything that isn't set in stone so you can kind of change the outcomes of things. Good ending being that everyone makes it (maybe one person cant?) or a bunch of people bite it. I just hope that we are in dog mode the whole game and not futzing around as people cause who cares about a game with a rad ass dog when you aren't the dog all the time.