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Edit: Oh holy crap this game! I saw alpha footage of this awhile back, hope it's awesome

Posted by Y2Ken

Clone murder? Sounds interesting. We'll see.

Posted by HatKing

I'm always weary of 'funny' video games, most of the time they fall flat on their face. But Magicka was charming, and this looks to show some promise.

Posted by ajamafalous

Looks... neat? Not enough extended gameplay to tell, but color me interested so far.

Posted by Lazyaza

Magicka was janky as fuck but easily some of the dumbest best fun i've had in coop with friends so this should be great.

Posted by Rayeth

Dat Abs. But seriously, fighting space clones with a scientist in 2D sounds pretty cool.

Posted by Napalm

I want a donut now.

Posted by Giantstalker

"Fight to the death, or die trying" is possibly the best slogan I've heard from a video game, well, ever.

Posted by Zaccheus

@Giantstalker said:

"Fight to the death, or die trying" is possibly the best slogan I've heard from a video game, well, ever.

It took me an embarrassing few seconds to really get it. It is truly a great slogan.

Posted by Vexxan

Magicka was a lot of fun playing with friends, hoping for a similar experience with this game.

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I almost wish the dialog is in fake-swedish.

Posted by RPGee

I can't tell if this is a side-scrolling hack-and-slash, or a Smash Bros. Clone, but I am very on board to see how this one'll turn out.

Posted by Xeirus

I had zero knowledge or interest in this game before seeing this post.

I feel like things went from zero to 100 too fast, I have whiplash

Posted by TheYear20XX

Right as I was about to complain about there not being any in-game footage, there it is.

Posted by Fredddi43

Cool voice, cool magicka, cool buy

Edited by Pop

Looks pretty okay to me.

edit: ESPORTS the shit out of it.

Posted by Phatmac

Looks neat!

Posted by RetroVirus

Looks like my kind of game!

Posted by gkhan

It seems like this game has a metroidvania thing going on. I hope it does, I like those kinds of games, and there aren't enough of them.

On the other hand, if I just get to murder dudes in awesome ways in a 2D platformer, that's pretty nice all on its own.

Posted by crusader8463

Gameplay doesn't do much for me, but I love the bad grammar line.

Posted by Deusx

Dude this looks coooool.

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The sign ups for the beta are here!

Posted by BlatantNinja23

ya that looks pretty cool

Posted by AleksO

Magicka was broken in many ways, and as said janky as damn. but still put 120 hr into it with friends.

So im looking forward to this

Posted by aquamarin

Where the heck has this game been I heard about it a while ago and it sounded like it was coming out this year.

Posted by Graham_Nix

*Seal of approval*

Posted by Elwoodan

2D brawling in the style of John Woo!

Posted by Winternet


Posted by MjHealy

"Fight to the death, or die trying"


Posted by GaspoweR


Posted by pancakehumper

There are sign ups for the beta herelooks fairly open for anyone to get in. Just need a steam ID

Posted by big_jon

No homo.

Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations

@pancakehumper: Thanks, duder! Just signed up. Hope I get in!

Posted by Spoonman671

This trailer made my subwoofer go nuts. That makes it an automatic buy, right?

Posted by Patman99

Paradox can do me no wrong. One of my favourite publishers.

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy


Posted by White

*looks at my own "abs"*

*feels inadequate*

Posted by daedelus

Nice dripping sweaty six pack abs!

Posted by honkyjesus

Looks like beer belly abs to me.

Posted by PsychoPenguin

Reminds me of Shank, hopefully it's better than Shank was.

Posted by Subjugation

Your grammar is so bad you have to let your fists do the talking. I totally laughed out loud. There is one thing for sure, this studio has jokes.

Posted by Draxyle

Kinda sad they're not doing a proper Magicka sequel. It was janky and the controls are far too much for the human mind to handle, but with some refinement it could easily become the best thing ever.

This looks dumb as heck though, which I'm on board for.

Posted by Matoyak
Posted by Amafi

So is this abuse or is it cobalt or is it something else entirely? I can't tell.

Posted by Christoffer

Nobel peace prize winning scientist father? What kind of science is that?

Posted by Amafi

@Christoffer said:

Nobel peace prize winning scientist father? What kind of science is that?

Norman Borlaug got a peace price for his contributions to securing the world food supply and he basically invented better wheat and did biology. Can't think of any others off the top of my head.

Posted by joelalfaro

Ryo Hazuki!

Posted by FakeKisser

I've been looking forward to this game. I never played Cobalt, but this appears to have the 2D fighting similar to that with a lot more personality.

Posted by MeatSim

But his abs where just one day away from retirement!

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