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Did Gears one even have a story? =P Good that the story is better in Gears 2. Maybe I'll read the book...reading the Resident Evil books now though.

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Nice work Jeff.....do bring on the Resistance 2 video review as well...whenever time permits that is!

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Oh Yeah.

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No one can touch GB in video content. It's just not possible. Another great job, guys. Bravo!

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Nice review! I'm glad to hear that the story is better, that was my one major complaint with the first one. It felt more like a prologue than a first installment.

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I think I speak for most people when I say "I HAVE TO GET THIS FUCKING GAME, DUDE!!!"

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Oh Yeah!

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Niiiicccceee - Great ending of the video with the Hell Yeah quotes.

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Fuck yeah!

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nice review as always jeff and always excellent editing vinny
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best. video. ending. ever?

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ohh yeah!

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great review jeff :)
if there was an oscar on wich site has the best video reviews giant bomb would win it for sure

ps: vote for obama


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OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kool Aid Kid unlockable, you heard it here first.

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Oh Yeah!!!!!

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This makes me want to own an Xbox360.

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Dang, I didn't know the Koolaid guy was in the game.  Now I have to buy this.

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m.f. dies

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Great Review. It's a shame I have ran out of money buying all these other games that have came out.

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Ever since Gears One, my bro and I always shout out "NICE" whenever one of us reloads in any game requiring you to reload a gun.  Fuckin sweet ending Vinny/Jeff on this one. 

Kool-Aid Man!
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I've really got to buy and play the first game now.

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Great review! Love the ending Vinny

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Contra? Now I'm really interested.

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Oh yeah

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You guys should definitely release the MP3 for the song that ends all the reviews.

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That's the review I was looking for.

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Nice review Jeff, really cant wait for this game it looks awesome!!!

Vote Obama

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Damn, now You got me interested in anothe game.

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Man i wanted to see Cole trains entrance !

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Got my copy queued up on Newegg. I've been really waiting till the last minute to get my games lately.

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Dude Come On!
You made the game sound really awesome and I now I feel obliged to add it to my "upcoming games to buy" list, how I hate November...

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Gears 2 is one of the best games I've ever played!!

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Freaken awesome, I cant wait for the midnight launch

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i quite literally burst out laughing at the kool-aid guy ahahhahahaha AWSOME

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Oh Yeah!

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I need to play the first.

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Awesome review Jeff!

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I love the ending, random but fitting.