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i was looking for this yesterday. nice

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Giantbomb video reviews are soo great. Oh yea!!

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As if I didn't already have enough of a reason to get this game, then comes the Kool-Aid Man.

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LOL!! Another great ending, Vinny!! OH YEAH!!

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It has been a while since I played Gears 1 but I have to say this game looks MUCH better. Especially from an artistic standpoint. I mean holy shit they actually added COLOR!!!

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That got me thinking...

Marcus Fenix and the Kool-Aid Guy aren't so different after all...

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Ha! Kool-aid man.

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That was great! Loved the ending.

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why did i have to have exams now lol :(

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God damn I can't wait until Friday.

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ohhhhhh yeah!!!

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Oh man, the Kool Aid dude... :O

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great ending!

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Oh Yeah!

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Wow, this video totally changed my "Gears 2 will be good, but nothing too new or surprising" perspective to "Wow I need to buy this game, now."  Even though I have to wait a few more days. 

The multiplayer looks like it will be a blast with all the new additions.  The online co-op where players can pick different difficulty settings is awesome and blows my mind, and who doesn't like modes like "Horde" where you have to take on wave after increasingly-hard-wave of enemies; hell that is why I am such a big fan of L4D.  The game looks like it will totally deliver on all fronts.  Friday can't come soon enough.

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"I almost wanna read the book..."

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I won't be buying this game, but I definitely hope to see this Contra homage on youtube at some point.

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Awesome review.  Def. picking this up.  You guys should have added a Randy Savage "Oh Yeah" as well at the end. lol

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Only Giant Bomb could end a review like that.

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Oh yeah.

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holy shitzzz cant wait to play it

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Love these video reviews !!
Nice one Giant Bomb !!

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how did you get a golden lancer? I am confused indeed.

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Kool-Aid man being in the review was definitely awesome! lol

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I fell off my chair laughing when I saw the Kool-Aid man make an entrance.

Great video review. I'll be getting this game on Friday.

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Looks great!

I'm glad they have horde mode cause I wasn't keen on the original's multiplayer/
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Oh YEAH!!!!!!!

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Oh man , Jeff is such an awsome reviewer!!!

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oh yeah oh yeah

woohoo hell yeah
oh yeah
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Nice touch with the cool-aid man :D

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Oh yeah! Good review. :)

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nice review jeff, I'm definitly gonna have to start frequenting here more often,  these reviews are excellent

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If there's any justice in the world Cliffy will see this video review and Kool Aid Man downloadable content will become a reality.


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OH YEAH!!!!!!!!

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giant bomb has the best reviews

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Fucking amazing! Gears of War 2 is going to suck a lot of people lives away.

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Man. I WANT THIS GAME NOW, haha. But the special edition is so tempting with that lancer....great review

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Horde! Hell yeah!

This review was defiantly better than GameSpot's and Gametrailers review. The ending was awesome!

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"It almost make me want to read the book."

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Greatest GOW2 review!!! superb review Jeff!!!

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Good reviwe Jeff!

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Read the Book? I guess you will be hearing "But you don't have to take my word for it." from Jeff soon.