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Ive gone back in time!

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More video content! Yay!

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Not First, but always NEVER!

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I'm surprised Matt stood up for so long!

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This video get's 4 out of 5 NEVERs!!

Was this talk the same as the day1 podcast? Because they talked alot more about the Sony stuff and seemed alot more fair on the motion controller then they did in the podcast where they just flipped it off.

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lol, I love some of the people's reactions at the Sony conference.  They got way too excited over some of the dumbest things.  Those had to have been some of the people they planted in the crowd.

"249 DOLLARS! WHAT!? YES!!!"

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After triple-first-first.

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Maybe some day I will play games, some day..

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uncharted 2 looks fucking unbelievable... are naughty dog wizards or something?

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Great video. Ryan, are you wearing some Sennheiser HD515s in this video? I used to have a pair of those, they recently broke. Those headphones are awesome.

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Oh i really didnt know that was coming...Wha-Bam!

Throwin up some bricks!

These videos are better than the podcasts oddly enough.

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Seriously, I don't know what is the point of spoling information only hours before the conference. Makes it pointless, and Treton had a point. I wouldn't be surprised if in the future a game company just refuses to have a press event and just leak info beforehand...

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Space icecream, haha!

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Another nice day wrap up video.

Sooo much content to still look through, and not enough time.
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"There is a gamer inside everyone."


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sheeva turned up........and turned into a motorcycle

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I love the video editing on GiantBomb!

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FF XIV: WHAT?!?!?!?!?

Absolutely. Vinny, you are teh awesome.
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Woah, Matt FUCKING Rorie?!!?!? Is he part of GiantBomb now?!

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the GB crew is the only people on the intarwebs that has made me laughed my ass off because of extremely subtle things.


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Whoever's editing these is doing a brilliant job. Although you kind of got scooped on NEVER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOI4XJecOc0

But yeah, keep up the great work!

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I know it's not a big deal, but Ryan CONSTANTLY mentioning he 'called' the MG2 is getting a little annoying.  Really, you called Nintendo announcing a Mario game? Get out of here!!!  Jeff calling a new Crackdown is pretty amazing, but Ryan calling a Mario game is like me saying fanboys of a certain company will get all grumpy about the announcemnts of their rival. 

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I got up to "Dude, Mass Effect 2 looks great!" then I had to stop the video.  I really don't want anything ruined in that game for me.  I already feel like I know too much, and I've not watched anything they showed at E3.

Good video anyways, guys.  Lovin' the mad editin' skillz.

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@Moeez said:
"Woah, Matt FUCKING Rorie?!!?!? Is he part of GiantBomb now?! "

I'll have what you are smoking.
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Hey, space ice cream, that was my tweet!

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The Nintendo press conference was pretty underwhelming and it made the Sony press conference look better when they showed a lot more actual games.

oh and...... NEVER!

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Great microphones.!

Sony had a really long conference filled with old stuff, but no denying it was the most enjoyable of the three. It was actually fun to watch.

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sony conference was awesome, tho i think they should ditch kaz hirai lol

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that ninja stuff was awesome!

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nice editing

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more of these videos ther awesome!! need more u guys on show floor

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"Shiva showed up... She turned into a motorcycle."

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@LobsterCrunk: kinda agree, although I'm so psyched I've been watching everything, then regretting it and worrying that I've ruined some of ME2's surprises
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great video. nice job editing, keep up the good work guys

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What did you people do to Cammie? She used to smile!

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Giantbomb has five times the podcasts, videos, and badass content then all the other sites..but like only 5 dudes!
straight up ballers

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Amir from college humor? Why...

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FFXIV . . . YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA . . . Online . . .  o   :(

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Mario Galaxy 2- Awesome
New Super Mario bros Wii-Good
Metriod other M-okay

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your just a loser, you obviously just over analyze the dumb things

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Glad about Mass Effect 2, FFXIII and Assassin's Creed 2.

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@get2sammyb said:
" I love the video editing on GiantBomb! "
I know!  It's hilarious.
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Really nice video again.  I think I almost prefer these to the podcasts because they're just so condensed and yet I get a sense of what you guys think about almost everything you saw, if only briefly.

My favourite video moments:  all the "What!!s" by everyone when FFXIV is announced (that was lalso great when watching the conference live btw) and the really nice focus on the awkward moment of silence between Reggie and the other guy when demonstrating Wii Sports Resort - just perfect editing.

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I was dissapointed this video was released so late but the extra touches you guys put into the editing made it worth the wait. 

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These videos are great. I get more and more addicted to GB everyday!