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MTV here they come!!! first wohoo!!

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no video ?

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I wanna see this!!

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do want

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No vid
I want to see this !
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Cool game collection.  You're crib is funky fresh Ryan.

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haha that sucks

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O_O I need this video.

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Holy crap this video is so funny.

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Hmmm....I don't see a vid.

Hey, Vinny!

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Dude, Ryan, you have NO games for your PS3... Yet you some how have Haze?

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Awesome, this is why I love Giant Bomb.

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Why does that frog exist.

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SWEEEEEEET, oh my i love your rapture poster so much that is the shit, also your Out of sight and portal posters were sweet. Nice setup my mann, we should have a whole series for everyone who works in giantbomb. Nice video mann and keep up the sweet work.

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You have one of those weird bendy can't type correctly keyboards. Ewwww!

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Haze on the shelf is a bare essential...yikes

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Your house is actually fairly nice, Ryan. I don't mean that in a shocked way, I wasn't sure how much the gaming industry was paying you, it's clearly too much =D.

I'm loving the 7 or so PS3 games in relation to about 5 shelves worth of 360 games, I don't know if I should be concerned if you right a PS3 review....

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Nice frog.

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That clown looks a little like a frowning Patrick Stewart.

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That frog is absolutely hilarious! Portal poster and Pac-Man clock win as well.

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I can only hope to live in someplace so classy soon....  as a games writer....

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I am interested to see Jeff's crib.

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Now get the hell out of my house MTV!

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I'm liking the singing Nelly frog.

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Awesome Ryan!  Thanks for sharing!

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He will be mine...

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Yes!! This is the kind of stuff I like to watch! I love looking at people's impressive game collections.

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That's pretty neat and some really cool stuffs around.

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Oh, God. I didn't realize he was serious about the black velvet art...

Oh well, he redeemed himself with the Blizzard of Ozz disc he had sitting there near the end.

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sweet ass frog

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Damn, thats a lot of games. One day I too wish to own a collection of that amount, unless digital distribution ruins my dreams, CURSE YOU FUTURE!!! 

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monkie89 said:
Why does that frog exist.
Whatever dude, that frog's awesome. HEY, must be the monay!
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Pauls Boutique is where its at

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Hahaaa awesome crib Ryan. If this is a recurring thing, for some reason, I'd imagine Vinny's house to be the most crazy...

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We all know that the bathroom is where the real magic happens

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So Haze is an essential game for you Ryan? Are trying to tell me that gaming for you is a religion? and that Haze is the shit?

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Crazy house, dude.

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I love that Nelly frog almost as much as I love that pac-man clock.

Very classy place.

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that is some serious cool house you got there dawg... excuse my language i meant to say "crib"

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How the hell do you guys deal with ergonomic keyboards...

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I know where he lives, now.....=)

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Read a comment yesterday that they should do a video tour of the office MTV cribs style. I luaghed when I saw this on the front page today.

It's awesome that you guys are taking suggestions from us. Damn fast too.

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I kinda feel like a stalker...

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How can you show your crib without the kitchen? What are you hiding in the kitchen Ryan?
Anyways, cool feauture. make sure everyone show´s their cribs!!

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no ryan scott