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Haha. This is amazing. Lots of good videos from this move.

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In The Case Of An Emergency, Please Call Shaq.

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Obviously Vinny knows how to survive an earthquake at the Giant Bomb offices: have a baby.

(...also earthquakes are now required to give Vinny 9 months notice.)

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I see a new site in progress.

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Wow. The instructions amount to hide under a table. That is literally all they can do. I'm glad I don't live in an earthquake zone.

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Oh man brad got the south park game in the background!

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This video is incredible.

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Easily the best Dig Deeper I've seen.

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Where did Dave get that lamp? I need it!

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That alarm scared the shit out of me.

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New site preview GAAAAAH!!!!! Craziness.

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Pizza attack drill needs to be held.

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1. Damn Dave sits so far away! :(

2. Was that the new look GB on Daves PC?

3. Isn't SF overdue some super sized earthquake soon?

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Dragonlamp is win.

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this is why i love living in Cali!

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Site redesign looking awesome!

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Or the best way I know of to escape getting hurt at the GB office is to grab Luchadeer & anyone there then head to a bar, yes that sounds about right to me. Also I love the lamp Dave.

Parts of this remind me of how they prepared for a crash landing in the classic movie Airplane!

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Goddammit. All that time goofing off, now they won't know what to do when the earthquake strikes.

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why is so far from the GB team? kind of weird...

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Quick glimpse of the new site layout? Awesome.

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No more YouTube player?

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In the event of an earthquake, everyone at Gamespot died at their desks due to their lack of perparedness.

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I wish they ran and tried to save the ceo

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so many office videos i fucking love it.

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did a pretty good job of acting like he was loosing his balance there.

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Why this video load like shit for me.

Also I see now why these guys wanted to move to this office, it seems a pretty dumb place haha.

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Earthquake Drill! Get to your designated save zones immediately! Your Earthquake Marshal will be standing by.

GameSpot is evidently ill-prepared for earthquakes. I saw no one move to protect the CEO.

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Oh man, the dreaded snake-attack drill. We got those all the time back in elementary school.

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Save the CEO. Save the world. Your lives are null and void in the event of a major catastrophe anyway.

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This is my new favourite video. I want an entire series of Jeff bugging everyone in the building and generally wreaking havoc.

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Xenoblade still sitting there unplayed :(

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One of my new favourite video's, up there with flea bomb! Also because Homer Rabara is in it. I think!

@hardindr said:

why is so far from the GB team? kind of weird...

I bet if you measure the distance between where they work and where Dave works in the old office, it's would only be just shorter. Seriously though they've always been separated, This building is bigger.

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Reminded me of the end of Gregs Oblivion run.

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This is exactly the quality content I was expecting when I paid for that annual subscription. I couldn't stop laughing at my desk at my office. And yes... the bright orange shirt vest idea sounds fantastic. With reflectors.

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How is the rogue safety crew prepared to risk life and limb to protect the CEO?

Coming holiday 2013 from Carbon Neutral Games.

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Let's pour one out for all those duders who died in that horrible CBS earthquake, the news report stated that the only part of the building left standing had some sort of Dragon Lamp in it.

If only they'd followed procedure.

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I want that lamp!

Edit: Also what drill should you have? Maybe if they found a giant bomb in the office?

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lmao brad getting on the floor

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So what happens if HR watches this?

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Despite the years that I lived in San Francisco I now feel even less prepared for an earthquake after watching that video.

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I was watching this video, with the volume at less than half... with HEADPHONES, and when the alarm went off my co-workers who sit around me thought WE were having a fire drill! Good lord that was loud.

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Really looking forward to the snake attack drill instruction video.

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What is this :O !