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Oh boy

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Oh GB you make me so happy

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That was the only way you could top Dave Lang the Human Tornado.

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@vuud said:

That was the only way you could top Dave Lang the Human Tornado.

The Man Maelstorm

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Oh gosh, Miller really did bring IGN to the vidcast. Poor bastard.

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Cara Ellison! :O


And as soon as Justin McElroy said Sherlock Holmes, I lost it. Now I need to go find watch the previous E3 that had Sherlock Holmes in it. Absolutely hilarious.

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My weekend needs confirming!

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It's Miller time

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How about Jeff, Brad and Vinny? I see that working well. Just a tip.

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Those nipples were like weird eye paintings. No matter the angle they fallow you.

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@william619 Vinny never does the press live streams like this. He is behind the camera for it, both him and Drew. Brad was off and on with Alex and Patrick. Jeff is really the only constant. In a lot of cases Patrick as well but it is usually because as Jeff indicate Patrick books a lot of the guests. He also adds a good balance with Jeff to try to keep thinks as on track as possible. Great GB content USUALLY is reigned in chaos that crosses a line, come back and crosses it again. :P

But with the sheer amount of guests they had it's kind of tough to actually get all the GB guys on these streams every time.

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@devise22: OK. But the streams would be better with Vinny and more Brad. They would help things stay more grounded and meaningful. I'm sorry to say, but most of this stream was just noise.

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@william619: I don't really agree with the stream being "just noise", but...opinions!

Also, Greg Miller is an alright dude. Great stream all around! Today Jeff Green will be on, which is pretty fantastic.

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@amyggen: Great! Jeff Green is interesting. Greg Miller is alright, but I would be more interested in seeing Jeff, Brad and Vinny really talking to the devs about games. Seems like a wasted opportunity to me.

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the brothers mcelroy! fuckin love those dudes.

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Fantastic show. Mix of everything, solid gaming talk to ..man nipples? Won't get that anywhere else!

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Could not be happier that Sherlock Holmes coverage continued this year!

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It wasn't until the third sugar ray reference that I realized they weren't talk about the boxer.

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Is the download button not working for anyone else?

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Abby has that cute, attractive thing going on.

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Neumann trying so hard with the jokes is really difficult to watch

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So this is the part where the crowd turns on Mikey Neumann

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Shoutouts to that sick Kvelertak shirt

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Greg Miller best panelist 2014

Good on Jeff Whatshisname for actually wanting to talk some games.

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Does John Drake actually have beef with someone at the other table? Or is he just messing around?

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Justin and Griffin! Dream team!

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Kinda wish Patrick hadn't booked so many guests in each segment. It's ended up with at least one or two people speaking very little in each segment because of the chatty guests. It's also caused there to only be spots for few GB guys, so it's only been Patrick and Jeff for most of the segments, and Patrick hasn't even done a great job of contributing to conversations. I really wish we had got more Alex and Brad.

Quality over quantity, Patrick. Remember that next year.

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I've been super surprised with @jeff's hosting over the last couple days. He's been doing such a fantastic job, he's normally fun and entertaining but lately he's really put on his hosting cap.

I've enjoyed with the segments, if they want to talk serious about games they can always do that in a separate video segment (like the highlights) or the bombcast. These videos, at least to me, are more about getting to know the devs and personalities and see them in a more relaxed environment after having spent an entire day being up tight and on their best behaviour while out on the show floor. It's a good chance for them to just let loose and fuck around a little.

All the hate against specific people is a shame, these devs are people who the GB crew have personally chosen to hang out with. Meaning these are people they likely would consider a friend, how would you like it if someone walked up to you and told you that your friend shouldn't be there just cause you don't happen to like them...

I say keep up the good work GB, really enjoyed the content that has come out over the last couple days. Hope you've all had fun covering E3 and catching up with old friends or friends you don't get to see often.

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Ending with Bloodborne was amazing! Everything else was great but Patrick's ten minutes to end the show with a Bloodborne conversation about the demo was enthralling. Thanks Patrick!

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@junkboy0 said:

Ending with Bloodborne was amazing! Everything else was great but Patrick's ten minutes to end the show with a Bloodborne conversation about the demo was enthralling. Thanks Patrick!

Being someone who has played far to many hours in the souls games (1000+), I have to say that for some reason whenever Patrick talks about them I get the impression that he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.

With the exception of Neumann though it was another great show.

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Great job guys. Really fun to watch and listen too.

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What was the "big news" that hit? I... really don't remember much from this video.

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what was it that Jeff said at the end before Greg said "You don't have to thank me again"

Can't make it out at all!

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Daniel Bryan, if medically cleared, you will meet The DEMON Greg Miller.... - Stephanie McMahon

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Haha the voice effect on Greg's voice during the last segment had me crying!

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Greg Miller is awesome.