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We love you guys!

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The first new video since the news broke.

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The internet approves of Giant Bomb.

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God I love this community.

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You all are heroes to me.

Thank you, for everything.

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Will watch this when I get home, glad to see you guys back!

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<3 loves to all of you Bombadeers !!!!! Ang Hugs too!!!!

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Love all you guys, great to see you again!

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You guys are making Ryan proud.

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I am so proud of this entire community this past week. Thank you guys.

EDIT: British crisps/chocolate are the best :) Monster Munch are a thing of beauty

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So good to see all of their faces.

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Giant Bomb is Legend.

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Makes me tear up a little seeing that empty desk. :'( Miss u bro.

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O man I should send flowers!

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Warms my heart! Tho I am sure Ryan would've done some wacky highjinx with all those flowers.

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Giantbomb will never be the same, but I will continue to be awesome.

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...AAAAAAAAAND that's when it started to sink in.

Seeing Ryan not at his desk.


Never again.

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This is great, very heartwarming.

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We love you duders!

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So glad to see an update from you guys! <3

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Vinny, are you ever NOT adorable?

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Love you dudes. Keep on keeping on.

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This is great!

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is Ryan pro followers?

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Great to see all your faces duders and that you're keeping your spirits up; I know it's rough.

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Love you all, you magnificent bastards!

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All the best guys, hang in there, glad to see you back.

Miss you Ryan.

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Everything in that box full of UK snacks is fucking amazing.

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Oh wow, thanks guys!

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Edit: changing this so people don't continue to think that I think Jeff is cold and heartless. That's not my view, so back off. I understand he is going through an incredibly hard time, but when he was dismissive of the flowers that people sent in it hit me the wrong way. I felt like he wasn't appreciative.

That being said, I'm hoping he still enjoys the ones I sent.

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Love y'all to death. Best of luck going forward.

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Flowers and booze man.

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That's about the only response I can muster right now.

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Booze and PnP RPGs. Sounds like a good mix for some sort of live show!

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big hugs!!

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haha wow, a tabletop war has begun.

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Oh cool thats awesome

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Giant Bomb soldiers on!

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Yeah I agree with brad, not sure about that chocolate orange

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Content in a post-Ryan world? Am I ready?

On a different note, this British good make me hungry. HOW DO THEY NOT KNOW WHAT A CHOCOLATE DIGESTIVE/JAFFA CAKES ARE!?!?

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Jeff, if you veto PnP RPG awesomeness, we'll have words good sir. WORDS!

Also, chocolate oranges are DELICIOUS.

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I can not for the life of me think of another internet based community who is as wonderful and generally positive as users of Giant Bomb

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@vrikk said:
EDIT: Maybe not with Jeff seeming to be so stoic and "meh" as usual... Jesus, we are trying to help.

Come on, cut the guy some slack. What did you expect, that he's goign to jump on table and to a little "thank you" dance? ;)

Also: choclate oranges are actually DELICIOUS

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Not seeing Ryan at his desk really hit hard there.

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Good to see you guys back in the office. And good to see all of that single malt. Clearly, people out there know what drinking is all about.

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Vinny's pose was better.

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I don't like flowers.

But it's great that people sent all those flowers.

At least indoor flowers. Outside flowers are fine.

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oh wow, so many flowers! that's nice. Those bottles of booze look really expensive. I hope one day you guys play one of those tabletop games.

I love you guys!