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A wild mailbag appears!

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Posted by Anwar

RIP Box City

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Holy shit! Massive props to those crazy guys in the South Pole!

edit: aw, rip Box City.

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Posted by EternalHaV0C

I love Tuesdays.

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Posted by Shinoadr

Open thy mail my brethren

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Posted by PimblyCharles

Still surprised no one sent them Steak-umms for a Mailbag. Might have to be the duder to send some.

This was a really cool gift to give the guys. I can see Drew rocking that Tye-dye since he's probably the hippiest of the crew (sorry if that offends you Drew).

Can't imagine how cold it must be at the South Pole. Guess I shouldn't be bitching about it being -15f here in NY today.

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Posted by MeatSim

Nooooooo! not Box City!

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Posted by ReddenBlack

I miss the mailbags :-(

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I found this video to be... substantial?

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Posted by andrewf87462

Awesome mailbag, and we need more office videos like this.

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Cold as ice.

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Posted by AMyggen

@reddenblack: You got one right here!

And those tv shirts were preeeeetty rad.

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Posted by flameboy84

We need more mailbags I miss them so much!

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Posted by hockeymask27

weekly box updates go!

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Posted by weegieanawrench

I want in on that fruit medley.

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Posted by A_Dog

Box city bitch, box, box city bitch.

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Posted by Borp

Box City :(

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Posted by isentorr

Box City shall be rebuild. It will be bigger and boxxier than ever bofore.

Also cool South Pole stuff.

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Posted by Jabronie

That logo is suspiciously similar to the Dharma Initiative!

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Posted by Huxleyy

Oh man, there was no camera swing at the end there.

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Blurry City

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Posted by edoone

it's nice to see!! :)

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New Box City! Hilarious.

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Posted by Centurypunk

Uhhhh, hey Drew

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Posted by Nmckee503

This week's mailbag brought to you by.... The word 'Substantial'!

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I suspect they get a lot of use out of the shot glass down there.

I was kinda hoping one of these would be in the box, though:

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Uh guys. You obviously call it Neo Box City.

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Posted by Sessh

@mathey said:

I suspect they get a lot of use out of the shot glass down there.

I was kinda hoping one of these would be in the box, though:

They already did get that one a few weeks earlier. That's why "Brad" is now playing Demon's Souls.

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I want to visit antarctica.

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Posted by gbrading


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Posted by HatKing

I said New Box City at the same moment Jeff did. Good to know he's rubbing off on me.

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Posted by tildebees

dat pole swag

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Posted by IcarusFoundYou

The more times I say "Pole Swag" the more times I switch between loving it and being disgusted by it

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Posted by ElectricTrotsky

'Dress like a garden' first thing you learn in South Pole 101.

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Posted by michaelfossbakk

Bring back "I Love Mondays!"

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Fuck, GB is so muted these days without Ryan. :(

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Posted by wallee321

Smooth transition by Brad, lol.

I wish Box City a safe and swift return to glory, after hearing of these shocking and tragic developments.

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Posted by mortal_sb

@xeiphyer said:

Uh guys. You obviously call it Neo Box City.

i laughed out loud. good job.

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Posted by NoodleUnit

Box City mod for SimCity.

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Posted by Domineeto
@tjuk said:

Fuck, GB is so muted these days without Ryan. :(

It does seem a little quiet - I hope they bring someone new on board. It won't fill that void but it will certainly make it all seem a lot less empty.

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I hear that New Box City has an offline mode!

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