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Subway is alright.

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This better be good, interrupting my Dark Souls time.

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Finally, Cook, Serve, Delicious!

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Woo, mailbag! Been a while :)

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Thanks Giant Bomb!

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Woo I got a code!

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woot Thanks

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Thanks for the code

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Hello duders.

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Totally thought this said 'Trashy Vinny', I got real excited.

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That records mailbag was really fucking awesome.

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lol took be top code after trying the bottom ten, guess everybody skips the top code

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Aww man. I just bought CSD =/

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Get a box cutter already. Your adventure awaits you at the hardware store.

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Damn it, I want some Subway now.

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Totally thought this said 'Trashy Vinny', I got real excited.

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all the codes have been used before any others go crazy trying them all

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so like all those codes are gone already.... didnt try all of them though!

thx anyways guys!!!

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I actually work in shipping and they do make edible packing peanuts. Just make absolutely sure they are the edible ones before eating them. I wish my current job stocked them so I could send them some.

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As a huge vinyl buff this made me excited and jealous.

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Yup they're all taken.


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You guys are monsters with the codes.

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I thought this said trashy Vinny edition. Disapointing.

edit: Also it was Duffs pancreas that blew up not his spline.

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Holy shit mailbag???

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That is a crazy collection!

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We want some P....

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Happy Barbarella everyone!

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Fuck! Been craving some Subway all day. Curse you for showing that!

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This video is cool, but is it as cool as a Cold Cut Combo sub for only $5? Only available at Subway - Eat Fresh™

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That was an impressive amount of whatever the hell it all was.

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I like Jeff's Divekick shirt.

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Thank god. I thought I was the only one that remembers Romy and Michele's highschool reunion.

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What up, BIG BOW!

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Get a box cutter already. Your adventure awaits you at the hardware store.

But then it wouldn't be a proper Mailbag.

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I have the same jacket that Jeff has!

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@michigan_jack said:


Get a box cutter already. Your adventure awaits you at the hardware store.

I've spent YEARS telling myself I need to send them a real blade for mailbags. I may have to finally do it, because that toothpick he was using on this video made my skin crawl. There is nothing more dangerous than a dull knife.

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Looks like a fantastic game, although I'm already concerned about the frame rate issue considering this is a launch title. Visuals are nice but surely games will look better in 5 years or so... but will the hardware be able to handle the step up?.. cause for caution in my book.

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Holy shit a mailbag!!!

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Wow. Jeff really is the dumping ground for all things video game related that no one wants. Will there be a Collecshun 2 this Christmas?

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selectavision seems fucking nuts

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Totally fell down an internet well reading about Selectavision and LaserDisc after watching this.

aaaaaaaaaaa help me out of the well