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Oh god.

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Is that paper mache?

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Box City

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The war will rage on but...

The logo is not a bomb sticking out its tongue: it's an open mouth with a flat tongue at the bottom.


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So it was not Skynet that gains sentience and takes over the world but Giantbomb.

He will soon attach the Luchadeer to his mechanoid battle suit and awaken Cool Baby's latent psychic power and the world will soon fall to their great and glorious new empire.

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This is the most Giantbomb thing.

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Image Vinny wearing that running at you on the street.

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So how long has Jeff had that thing that's posing as a beard?

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I swear GB's videos get quieter and quieter as time goes along.

I really had to jack up my volume for this one, and even at max it was only barely loud enough.

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this is amazing

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the Giant Bomb helmet should be part of a mandatory dress code for all Giant Bomb employees.

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Omg! It's Bomby, the official GiantBomb mascot!

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Giant Bomb is the world’s largest editable video game database. Y'all wanna buy a mattress?

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The war will rage on but...

The logo is not a bomb sticking out its tongue: it's an open mouth with a flat tongue at the bottom.


No argument here.

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Yay! Now we have an idol to worship!

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@dalai said:

So how long has Jeff had that thing that's posing as a beard?

Not as long as Patrick

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Fucking awesome!

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The bomb has been dropped.

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Oh, you mean GiantBombDotCom...

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I'm really glad they liked it!

If anyone was curious I posted some bad shots of me in the head on the forums last august from when I first wore it. And it is in fact impossible to see out of. I had some foam I used as spacers so it would be high up on my head enough to see just a bit but because I was rushing to the UPS store at the time I forgot to pack them sorry

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Giant Bomb VS Jack in the Box. Fight!

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well this was amazing

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That is awesome!

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now they can start making electronic music

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Rorie should definitely wear it during PAX panels.

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That is awesome

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Now you can all get into the live pizza advertising business, I would rather buy a pizza endorsed by a bombhead than some generic sign...

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Here we go...

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Box City Rises

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Nice hoodie Jeff, looks good on you.

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As soon as Vinny put it on, who cares anymore, mailbag is my favorite bag.

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Awesome! I hope to see Bomby on some live streams.

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Face should have a bomb?

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That is rad!

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Oh god why did they do that at the end!? The sound of styrofoam is the worst thing.

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I really think we need a video of vinny wearing it.. and then going over to the gamespot offices and kinda harassing them.

"Oh this? yea one of our viewers made it.. Wheres your Gamespot costume?"

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My sister works from home make thousands dollars a day wearing a helmet just like that.

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Ryan's Desk.... =(

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