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Picked it up today. Love it. The gameplay is solid and the soundtrack is really good.

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Very easily.

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@msavo said:
Picked it up today. Love it. The gameplay is solid and the soundtrack is really good.
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Got it today. The controls are a bit weird, but it is pretty damn awesome. Its super fast, the destruction is great, and most importantly the weapons feel great. I can't wait to play more later tonight.

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Either you love this game, or you've been brainwashed by modern games into thinking dying over and over by the same bullets from different guns is somehow "fun".

I could not be happier that Twisted Metal is back to show these next gen kids what it really means to have skills in a multiplayer game.

I'm loving it so far and I can't wait for the site to update so we can get the skin templates and make custom skins for our vehicles.

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That was a great trailer. It really fit the theme of the game and the music and text merged well with the trailer. It's unfortunate that I won't be buying the game since I was very unimpressed by the demo. Good luck to Jaffe and his team though.

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looks alright...

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They'll never top their use of "Paint It Black."

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@Origina1Penguin: They really won't, though.

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I remember having some good times with TM on the original PlayStation, but having downloaded the 'Trial Version' of this on PSN, Ifound it had expired before I could install it. A similar thing happened with Gotham City Impostors where the servers were "Permanently Unavailable."

I don't mind the wasted bandwidth, but if a demo or full game is good enough to warrant a purchase, it will be good enough in a week or two or a month or two and now that publishers are raking it in by charging multiple times for the same multiplayer server 'ticket' where's the harm in lettng an online demo run longer. The way the industry concentrates so much on first week sales and exclusive pre-order DLC bothers me especially since many Wii games have had a long tail, which surely is partly down to the fact Nintendo don't mind pushing out old TV ads. Knowing I'll never get the chance to see 100% of a games bonuses actually puts me off buying, as did the Catwoman fiasco.

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Great trailer. And for those of you who would link the "Paint It Black" trailer for those of us who haven't seen it, that'd be great. I tried searching and only got dumb amv montages by fans.

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As crazy as ever.

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Well, now I wish I had more than $5 in the bank.

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Anyone know what the name of the song in this trailer is?

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@cmcali16: Sounds like Marilyn Manson doing a cover of Soft Cell's Tainted Love. At least to my ears.

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@P_Pigly_Hogswine said:

@cmcali16: Sounds like Marilyn Manson doing a cover of Soft Cell's Tainted Love. At least to my ears.


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@P_Pigly_Hogswine said:

@cmcali16: Sounds like Marilyn Manson doing a cover of Soft Cell's Tainted Love. At least to my ears.

Which is itself a cover of the 1964 Gloria Jones song, written by Ed Cobb:

Both infinitely better than the soulless regurgitation that the Manson cover unfortunately is.

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The cars are supposed to behave like that. Its fucking Twisted Metal, not Mario Kart. As for the strategy part of TM, it shoot guys and avoid dying. That's how its always been and it doesn't differ much from any old FPS on the market except you shoot homing missiles and napalm instead of AKs and grenades.

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This trailer sucks because it doesn't come out in Europe until FUCKING MARCH 7TH.

I can't understand the decision to push it so far at all.

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@Ghostiet: They had to make some last minute changes to the game to appease the european ratings boards which probably means they need to go through cert all over again.

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This blows super hard. I might as well import it through my girlfriend's dad from the US or something.
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I hate the tone of Twisted Metal, but the game looks fun as heck. I just really hate the "Se7en" style, or torture porn-style more like it, continued on from Twisted Metal: Black. I prefer the craziness of Twisted Metal 2/Head On. This is trying too hard to be cool...to an 11 year old in 1995. For f**k's sake, this is a universe where a guy rides around with two massive tires for hands (Axel)! Treat it as a ridiculous, fun contest, not the second coming of Jigsaw. The soundtrack seems pretty hit or miss to me too.

Glad to see it back though, and I will be picking it up. Just gonna wait it out for a price drop. Expect to see this retail for $30 or $20 in two months or so. In the meantime, I'll stick to Rage multiplayer for my car combat fix - which just went through a price drop of it's own, and now retails for $20 NEW. Buying used games is for retards - Just wait for price cuts.

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This is gonna make for a fun TNT tonight.