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Posted by giyanks22

Looks awesome!!!

Posted by Bass

This looks pretty damn awesome

Posted by PLWolf

So Awesome!! I can't wait.

Posted by Satune

Those lion hands look bad ass!

Posted by K3vinkha0S


Edited by LiveOrDie1212

the trailer was epic, but the game looks like god of war 2 with beefed-up graphics

Posted by Tiwi

I'm in, Awesome
Hercules Disney movie, But its Kratos who has released the titans.
and i think "they" know that it looks like god of war 2 with beefed-up graphics.
"they " will probably change it soon, or beef it up even more

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never been into hack and slash games. what did catch my eye was that moving rock creature near the end. I'd like to see more things like that.

Posted by stillmotion

Huge LOTR moment with the troll. Yawn, Legolas did that in 2004.

Posted by Regal

I'm not really all about the graphics, but still, why? Since the blood has such prevelance could they at least make that look half decent? I know the game isn't done but their willingness to show us that kind of graphic quality as a trailer somewhat suggest that it's going to end up like that.

What I totally digg though is the crazy new level design that this trailer suggest, with truly transforming enviroments!
Posted by Mustard

For once, the word "Epic" is truly a relevant word to describe what i just saw.

Posted by Ossi

Nothing but Epic. I can't wait.

Posted by DeanJParker

Still a bit angry, Kratos?

Posted by Marconi88

This trailer is awesome, all that on action on the back of a Titan as they climb up to Mt. Olympus. 

Posted by Spiritof

This trailer tickles me...down there.

Posted by InFamous91

Damn Kratos is far more ruthless than the previous God Of Wars.......that intense

Posted by Seram

Was stabbing the bird really necessary?

Posted by slayerofheroes

Fucking awesome!

Posted by Muffin_Hunter
Seram said:
"Was stabbing the bird really necessary?"

That bird killed his pa and raped a bear. It had it coming. _
Posted by thegoldencat7


Posted by Zohar

If it's only half as good as the first two GoW games then I'm already sold.  Looks amazing!

Posted by LordAndrew

I thought they had him for a moment there, but no! Kratos ain't gonna let that happen.

Posted by F1

There is no way this game will suck. Amazing!
The first two are two of my all time favorite games. I'm gonna go play through them again now! I'm so fucking psyched! Gonna be LEGENDARY!

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Looks like a generic action button masher,just like the first two.And PS the bird was a harpe,an enemy from the other games so it's not like it was just some random bird.

Posted by Sephiroth9997

Hawt.  Day one.

Posted by Kohe321

Looks completely awesome!

Posted by Snipes424

That was awesome

I saw an interview with the producer and he said that all of that was in game engine several months ago, so I can't wait to see some current stuff.

Posted by JoelTGM

nothing stands out to me, looks fun but not like "I HAVE TO GET THIS"

Posted by GamerGeek360


Posted by Otzlowe

Nothing really stood out. The ending was probably the coolest part, but it was a bit confusing to look at at first. Sure, Kratos seemed ruthless, but I liked it when it looked like Kratos was fighting small numbers of strong enemies. The latter bit with the small mob of them seemed to build it up as, "Oh snap! Epic battle!" but there weren't a lot of enemies... and they kind of died... fast.

I dunno. We'll see.
Posted by vinsanity09

I always thought that the series was overrated, I'm still going to buy it since I finished GOW I & II but I didn't see nothing special in that trailer.

Posted by Maxszy

That was truly awesome. EPIC!

Posted by Crono

Kratos truly is badass

Posted by jyurakyumihawk

Dude, enough with the stabbing..!! Use words!!

Posted by Travis

Looks awesome.

Posted by Nets

That... was amazing!!!

Posted by lantus

That's heavy man.

Posted by TheFreeMan

I've never been a GoW fan (Kratos and his constant brutality is irritating. You have to use it sparingly or else it kinda gets a little boring), but damn if that trailer wasn't good.

Awesome animations....but.....I did expect the graphics to be better. It'll probably improve though.

Posted by LiquidPrince

Holy shit...

Posted by MaternalBloom

Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by pirate_republic

That looks fsckin amazing.

Posted by joeyc

I dunno it looks like the same as the first two. Hopefully they put some new stuff in there so it's not so redundant.

Posted by natetodamax

They're making a big mistake keeping this on the PS3 only.

Posted by sofakingcool

wow this like the montain dew or surge of trailers. Stab everything, over the top blood, giant things climing some kind of million mile tall cliff. Wow! I really want to do the dew or something. Oh and the graphics are laggy and bland..... What the hell sony?

Posted by Lingxor

I'm wet.

Posted by Homeslice

Yeah, the fact that all of that is on the back of a Titan is pretty insane.

Posted by byongping_suzahulu

is this on psn yet?. i want to download in hd.

Posted by Junpei

I'm kinda meh on it. I thought the firts was good and got pretty bored during the second. Visually looks great but if it's just more of the same I'll pass.

Edited by JackSukeru

Golden Fleece Confirmed! Man I love that thing. Looks good, nice and colorful.

Edit: Seems from some of the comments people had forgot how GoW 1/2 looked like. Which in turn sounds like the Gears1, Gears2 syndrome.

Posted by GalacticFerret

 Neat !!

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