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Posted by MildMolasses

Awesome game!
Posted by stevemanu

I need to get this game!

Posted by billnyethesciencepie

happily surprised its not modern warfare 2, since every site and their dog is giving it to that fucking game

Posted by TheMikelGuereca

I was skeptical if this game was great after I beat it, but after much thought it probably is my second favorite game of 2009.

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And yet another quick look. Awesome!

Posted by shatteringlast

The day of Quick Looks... I'm a happy man.

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@billnyethesciencepie said:

"happily surprised its not modern warfare 2, since every site and their dog is giving it to that fucking game "

I'm surprised that MW2 got as much praise as it did. Don't get me wrong, I thought that game was great, but in my mind, Batman is easily the best game to come out this year.
Posted by sandwich_adjustment

I always forget that Batman is a very very old IP compared to others in the "competition," so thanks for reminding that this was a herculean task that Rocksteady pulled off with great success. 
I really hope Batman inspires Eidos and their Deus Ex 3 developers to make something FRESH and build upon the original things we love

Posted by imayellowfellow

when i saw this category, i instantly thought batman arkhym asylum, im glad gb thought so too!

Posted by InfamThug

Really good game,surprised me allot,didn't that it would be this good!

Posted by mrfluke

im happy that games like this are winning the awards  and not modern warfare 2 ,

Posted by CashBailey

I think we all know which game Brad is "calling" for Game of the Year.

Posted by Snijglau

That's weird. I beat this twice and never saw the Killer Croc locking the door moment. Guess I turn corners too quick.

Posted by samcotts
@CashBailey: Well we should assume that he'll be backing Uncharted 2 considering he's ranked it as his favourite game of the year in his top 10.
Posted by Griddler

Awesome, I'm very proud of Rocksteady. They did the unthinkable, made a good Batman game.
I can't wait to see what else will come from them.

Posted by skippyscissors

That combat is awesome!!!

Posted by scarace360

Go giantbomb not going with the crowd!!!!1 Pick what ever you want for game of the year.

Posted by TheJollyRajah

I have a feeling the GotY will go to either MW2 or UC2..... both overrated imo.

Posted by Jackel2072

oh god now i wana play this game again too!

Posted by Norbington

Wow Brad is pretty bad at this game.

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Allot of really fantastic moments in this game. When you first enter the area with the genuinely insane inmates and they’re screaming at you, I was slightly unnerved. But seeing Batman act so cool in situations like that. Superb .

Posted by StrikerTheLizard

I am okay with this stellar game winning this award.

Posted by Lazyaza

My GOTY! woooo Fucking best licensed game, stealth game, batman game, comic game all in one.

Posted by Wright

Whew, got through all the vids. Great stuff, now I gotta listen to that insanely long, beast of a podcast. DEAR GOD IT'S LONG! But alas, I shall listen. Oh, and yay batman!

Posted by Niccoles


Posted by Spike94

Wow. I totally want to go back and play some more Batman...have some more tapes to get and other stuff to unlock...then there's hard mode...and the hardest mode? Man what a great game...
Thanks guys! Awesome QL like usual!
Posted by DBoy

I went back after I finished this game's story just to get every trophy and unlockable, and I usually never do that in a game. Such a fantastic piece of work.

Posted by AdMordem
@MildMolasses: To be quite fair, any one persons opinion on modern warfare 2 in this context is irrelevent. The game in the first week out sold everything, ever and is now the fastest selling form of media in history, way ahead of the closest competitors - GTAIV and the last Harry Potter movie. In fact Batman in comparison should be classed as a sleeper hit. Like it was a hit, but compared to MW2, it was a Kevin Smith movie compared to a Peter Jackson movie - a completey different league.
Dont get me wrong, I finished Batman in 2 sittings, but stopped MW2 halfway through the single player to play Dragon Age. I will definately come back to finish it and get into the multiplayer, but my point is - as a gamer, MW2 is a game I will remember for a long long time. Beyond remembering the campaign, the characters, the maps etc, it will be the huge impact on media and gaming MW2 had that wil live on, and more than justify the many GOTY and other acolades it is recieving. If you can only see reasons for MW2 not to be picked, then you are missing something much greater.
Posted by Hairydutchman


Posted by Chaossebba

Thing is, people KNEW Modern Warfare 2 was going to be a hit. Like with many licensed games, people were skeptical at first, and as many have stated it proved to be a fantastic game which i think is why it won their game of the year.

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Great graphics, great gameplay, great pick for this ward.

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brad died ?! dun dun dunnn!!
Totally loved this game, now im off to go play it again!!

Posted by Tally_Pants

can't..stop... watching....Quicklook!!
Posted by LiK

yeeeaaaaaa, Batman: AA RULES!

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My game of 2009! The best super hero and Batman game yet.

Posted by theberserker

Solid choice

Posted by Griddler

These guys seem to really have fun playing this

Posted by tumes

Awesome game, and this playthrough totally redeems Brad's abysmal Uncharted video.

Posted by wordfalling

Temped to reinstall, oh the glorious combos.

Posted by RareDropRadio
@MildMolasses said:
" @billnyethesciencepie said:

"happily surprised its not modern warfare 2, since every site and their dog is giving it to that fucking game "

I'm surprised that MW2 got as much praise as it did. Don't get me wrong, I thought that game was great, but in my mind, Batman is easily the best game to come out this year. "
Amen to that.
Posted by Death_Burnout

I would always do a running "karate kick" on a final blow to make it slo-mo and every time it was awesome, right in the chest.
It's nice to know you had very very similar experiences like i did, especially feeling a bit guilty using detective mode all the time, and not looking at the gorgeous visuals, i would always turn it off at odd times when i could.

Posted by ThatFrood

Wow, I didn't expect Brad to pull a Brad in an award playthrough.

Posted by SidVicious

awesome QL

Posted by Lydian_Sel

I think this will have to be a future purchase.

Posted by FlappyHands

This game is £18 brand new on Play right now for all the other UK duders out there. That's the cheapest I've seen it so far. I got me a copy, I can't wait to play!

Posted by CitizenKane

There can't be a quick look without Brad dying.  :P

Posted by DarkPredatorUK

Bought this after hearing all the praise from the bomb squad, just completed the story today and what a game!!

Posted by CashBailey

Brad's right. This game does look marginally better on the PC.
Not a huge difference, but noticable.

Posted by Eversoranimus

I have always wondered why this didn't get a video review.

Posted by MetalMoog

While this is a very good game and a worthy contender, I think Uncharted 2 was a better game overall.  Uncharted 2 has set the bar which all games to come after it will be measured against.

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