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    Just recommending to you a game about Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev teaming up to kick ass in Reagan Gorbachev http://store.steampowered.com/app/364720 , should make for a good UPF watch.
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    Umm... Drew? Not sure if you've seen this but. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/15106-Star-Citizen-Alpha-20-Available Obviously servers are not super stable yet but wow.
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    Speaking of Halo 5's ending since I just saw you beat it with Alexis, http://i.imgur.com/pUBwhmn.png
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    How on Earth could you let them do the Halo:5 Quick Look without you! I thought for SURE you would be in it. Oh well. There is always Halo:6.
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    Going crazy here! Please just try and switch back to the tranq gun in metal gear. The RIOT SMG is bad, enemies react to it as a regular gun while the tranq gun keeps you undetected when you miss.
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    I know you are on vacation right now but when you get back you should check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6EAuJiLX90 "How to record and clean up rift footage". Take care!
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    With the command line in America's Army, you could load any maps. This allowed you to run around a map by yourself. You could even load the jail cell and look at the Easter eggs using a cheat code.
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    Hoe gaat het met je?
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    Thanks to you and that silly irishman I'm now watching a stream of the Hungarian HP. Damn you!
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    Bro, if you're not CIA you should be. you go so many places that they would love to get intel from. You should look into contacting the agency. *StraightFaced* #NoJoke #SemperFi
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    Hey Drew, you should check out Project Reality, there is a new patch wich makes it stand-alone now. One of the best large scale tactical FPS out there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vJPJyw35Jo
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    Hey Drew I live in Vietnam and want to send you some stupid stuff I've found, but do you have any specific requests for anything?
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    Where would you say your favorite place you have traveled to is? Are there any places you really want to go to? I am thinking of seeing some part of the world and could use some advice on where.
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    Look, it's Trivial Pursuit: "You Own A Console, So Let's Dumb This Down" Edition!Also::D

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    are those cutscenes from the 360? they look really flat.. they should just save up their"Koins" from the last game and hire Blurr to do the cutscenes... these are really starting to look dated

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    The best part of branding in the main game is I got to a point where I would run through an area and every single orc in that area was branded. So suddenly, instead of being in an hostile environment...

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    @ezekiel: Well then I guess that invalidates my point about costs.A real world instance of someone who tried it and decided it was too complex is incredibly helpful. I'm sure they are trying their be...