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Yeah, it's a problem with the source files. It should only be present in the Pure Pool Quick Look, the Lonely Planet Quick Look, and the Mario Party Party archive. We think we've fixed the issue for subsequent videos, but let us know if you see it crop up anywhere else!

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We did it live, in case you were wondering. The archive should be up soon.

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Here it is! It actually made it! I didn't screw it up!!!

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A-MAZING. Nice work, duder!

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This is AMAZING. Our mailroom needs to get its act together STAT.

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Specifically, I watched Sky's coverage of the Hungarian GP on July 28. As I watched, I wrote down questions:

  1. Lewis Hamilton got the pole position, but the commentators made it sound like it was a long shot for him to win. Hamilton himself seemed doubtful. Why?
  2. Qualifying times determine where you are on the starting grid, right? Mark Webber was 10th on the grid at the start, but it appeared that he didn't have a qualifying time. Why, then, wasn't he gridded in last place?
  3. How different is each car allowed to be? Obviously this isn't NASCAR where each car has to be pretty much the same, but how much can a team deviate from the rules? I guess what I'm asking is, how much of a team's performance is determined by their drivers versus the money they've poured into the car? Is Red Bull the Yankees?
  4. What are the rules regarding defensive maneuvers? Can you just continue to block a guy all the time to prevent him from passing you?
  5. You can only use DRS if you're close enough to the car ahead of you, right? How is this determined? Sensors on the cars? What if you press the DRS button outside this range? Will it still activate and give you a penalty or does it automatically lock you out when you're out of range?
  6. I saw teams switching from soft tires to medium tires. Are they accounting for the fact that the track heats up as the race goes on, and thus they can use a stiffer tire?
  7. Anybody know how they get their onboard audio for the broadcast? I'd love to know what mic can withstand that decibel level.
  8. A couple of times drivers had to go outside the course to avoid crashing, once on the outside of a turn and once in a chicane, cutting the course. Are they penalized for this? I mean, sure, you were going to crash if you didn't do something, but you DID cut the course, giving you an advantage.
  9. Red Bull said the phrase "fail 22" over the radio to Vettel and Webber near the end of the race. What does that mean?
  10. How do the points work? It looked like the guy in 6th place got zero points but the guy in 7th got four.

I'm sure a lot of this could be figured out by Googling, but I figured I'd ask you guys first! Thanks!

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@coldsnapbryan: The G27 (which is what I was using in the office - I just couldn't remember the name of it so I just spouted out some random letters and numbers) should fit nicely on your desk. However, the pedals the G27 comes with might butt up against your wall, pushing them uncomfortably close to your chair. According to the Internet, the dimensions of the pedals are 420mm deep, and the pedals themselves are set about halfway along the base, so it might be a good idea to take some measurements before you drop $240. Good luck duder!

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Oh my GOD WHEN I REALIZED THE GUITAR WAS THE FLUTE PART. This is incredible. Well done, duder!