All-Time Favorites

Not necessarily the best, just the ones I love.  In alphabetical order.

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Posted by gungrave45

AWESOME LIST DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Prodigal

Props for having Rush 2049 on there

Posted by FritzDude

Nice to see Diablo on that list. Great list!

Posted by TechHits

with out a doubt that is a unique list

Posted by Matthew

I like how you have BZ2 on there. That series is under appreciated. But why 2 over 1?

Diablo 2 and Dirt - awesome. Metroid Prime, I'll never forget it, way atmospheric. Riven doesn't get enough praise either. Not that I'm smart enough to solve the puzzles or anything, but you can lose yourself in those worlds. And I personally think Jedi Outcast is the best iteration of lightsaber control/combat.

List approved sir. Since I knew that is what you were looking for!

Posted by drewbert

@Matthew: Battlezone II is kind of responsible for my rediscovery of PC games. I had played some real oldies on my mom's MS-DOS work computer as a kid, but that kind of fell off after I got a Sega Genesis for Christmas. As a result, I didn't really keep up with PC games after that. I played some here and there that didn't require much in the way of system requirements, like Descent and Riven, but the first Battlezone was a little out of my league. Then in middle school a friend had BZ2 on his laptop at school and I was like "WHAAAA?" at the graphics. Then he said I needed a "3D accelerator," so I had to upgrade my PC. The rest is history!

Posted by RichyHahn4

Hello Drew... I'm fairly new to the site and I was wondering (if its not too much of a bother) what you would recommend to someone who is interested in retro PC gaming as a starting point. I had a sheltered child as a kid and missed out on alot of stuff. Thanks 8D