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The third installment in the Rush series, 2049 was released for the Nintendo 64 to mixed reviews.  The game featured the same arcade physics, spectacular crashes, and over-the-top jumps as the first two games, with a few tweaks.  The game severely curtailed the number of listed statistics for each car from the large number present in L.A. Rush.  Gone were the dubiously significant "Torque" and "Drift" bars, replaced more the more user-friendly "Top Speed", "Acceleration", "Cornering" and "Traction".  Graphically, the game took significant steps forward from L.A. especially in the vehicle models, which featured richer textures and higher polygon counts. 

2049 brought back the Stunt mode introduced in L.A. Rush.  Players still spent most of their time driving toward ramps in hopes of achieving some point-worthy result, but the introduction of wings into the game gave racers the control over their landings.  Along with the goal of achieving high scores for various stunts and flips, tokens could be collected in the stunt mode which unlocked various upgrades and new vehicles.
2049 was also released as a top-down racer for the game boy color.

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