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    I love when GB plays old games but I wish they wouldn't cheat. I feel like an important part of experiencing and judging a game, especially an older one, is experiencing its challenge.

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    I play old games more and more all the time. My interest in, and love of, old games has been growing steadily over the last couple years. Combined with the decreasing number of notable new games in th...

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    I was the guy that asked the first question during the Q&A. I really wanted to mention the name of my Youtube channel but I felt it would be too douchey. Now that the panel was posted on both Gian...

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    Multiplayer first-person shooter is like the most uninteresting thing you could possibly do with Ghost in the Shell. And when this game tanks they'll use it as an excuse to continue to not do anythin...

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    Please never stop this feature.

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    I loved Steamworld Dig, so I'm excited to see another Steamworld game. Just wish I knew anything about it from watching that. I wonder if it will try to keep any of the exploratory elements of Dig. B...