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Ico, maybe. Shadow, definitely.

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Banjo is great, but Mario 64 is the easily the better of the two. Banjo may have been bigger in almost every way, but (of course) bigger is not always better. There's a lot of rough edges to Banjo, not the least of which is its collect-a-thon nature. Mario 64 is a much tighter package.

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@demoskinos said:

I agree boneless chicken wings are better.

You are history's biggest monster. A boneless wing is just a fancied up chicken nugget.

A delicious, delicious chicken nugget.

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@cubical said:

Yoshi island is Also not a super Mario world game in Japan they never said it was it is not labeled as super Mario world 2 that is for dumb Americans who keep falling for that even to this day apparently when it is obvious it is not. A super Mario world label is not found anywhere on the Japanese cartridge or marketing. It as labeled “Super Mario’s Yoshi’s island” meaning it is a super mario spin off game on yoshi’s island.

Because the USA branch stuck the label on it for marketing reasons and people still don’t know any better it has long since been removed from any other version of them game put out.

It is about as official super mario world game as lugi’s mansion or mario tennis is.

This is mostly true, but Yoshi's Island was still born out of development of a Super Mario World sequel. They set out to make a World 2, and by the end of development it was Yoshi's Island. While I agree that "Super Mario World 2" probably shouldn't be part of the title, it's not completely wrong or made up or anything.

Furthermore, your assertion that Nintendo of America were like these crazy rogue agents in changing the title is weird and kind of short-sighted. Nintendo is still ultimately one entity and the higher-ups could have denied it if they felt it wasn't justified. Like it or not, Nintendo sold that game to a large part of their customers as World 2, and if they're upset about that you can't just say "shut up, you idiot, it never was!"

And c'mon, Yoshi's Island is WAY closer to Mario World than Luigi's Mansion or Tennis; that's just dumb.

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I'll miss you, Dave! :(

You better hold up that pledge of being the Gary Whitta of Giant Bomb.

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When I read the headline I was shocked and upset. But then I thought about it a little more... And I realized that LucasArts hasn't internally done anything noteworthy in SUCH a long time. It's a real shame that 1313 won't come out, but that's about it. Looking at the list in the wiki, it's been nearly a decade since Lucasarts internally developed a game that I liked, even longer since they've made a game I loved. This feels like it's been a long time coming.

I see a lot of people here talking like this is some kind of sign of the collapse of the video game industry, but let's be honest: Lucasarts was NOT a major player in the games industry anymore, not even close.

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Has no one pointed out that this game already exists?

PS: I'm a little freaked out that parts of this "design doc" actually kind of sound like a good idea... : /

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Gun Lord should be one word, intercapped, as "GunLord."

"Gun Lord" should be an alias.