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    Atari Games is the portion of Atari responsible for its arcade releases. It was later renamed to Midway Games West after a buyout.

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    Atari games was formerly a sub-division a Atari, Inc when it was sold to Warner Communication by Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell in 1976. In 1984 Warner Communication sold Atari, Inc to Jack Tramiel of Tramel Technology, Ltd. but retained the arcade coin-op division (Atari Coin), renaming it Atari Games and making it a subsidiary of Warner Communications.

    Atari games remained with Warner only for a further year and it was subsequently sold to Namco in 1985. Internal wranglings within Namco would lead to the sale of Atari games to Hide Nakajima, general manager of Atari Japan, a company with strong ties to Atari Inc and to employees within the company.

    In 1993 Time-Warner (formerly Warner Communications and Time-Life) once again bought a controlling interest in Atari Games and made it a subsidiary of its newly formed Time Warner Interactive division. In 1996 Atari Games was once again sold, this time to Midway and with the purchase of Atari Corporation by Hasbro Interactive, Midway decided to rename Atari Games to Midway Games West to avoid confusion between the two brands.

    In 2003 Midway games closed Midway Games West as in continued to loose money in its Arcade division and the Atari Games brand cease to exit. Things didn't look good for Midway Games either with its publishing and development business loosing money, claimed of Chapter 11 bankruptcy filed in February 2009. Majority of Midway Games asset's were later being purchased by Warner Bros.


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