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Posted by artofwar420

Ooh, what is this?

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awesome, love the behind the scenes stuff

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You had me at "Dave and Vinny".

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This is a great idea!

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Big money! Big prizes! I love it!

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Video production seems hard.

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Interesting . . .

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whats this? Fucking awesome thats what.

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I totally read that title as "Random titties are always needed".

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Surprise video. I love surprise videos.

edit - Man, I went to school for graphic design and 3/4s of the way through I thought to myself "God, this kind of sucks." You guys make it look fun. Guess it depends on who you work/design for.

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This is fantastic - more of this please! I love seeing how people use the packages I use at work :)
edit - Also love the graphic design here, especialy typefaces -  very lovely indeed.

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Why does magic always happen when Dave and Vinny are involved?

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I have no idea what is going on or what they are saying but I am fascinated by it lol

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The finished product is great but god damn I love seeing how it all gets designed and put together. Great work Dave.

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I want a Behind the Scenes on that background wallpaper if you know what I'm sayin'.

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This was a lot of fun to watch! Thank you for shooting this, and also showing some of your guys' previous ideas. Really Cool to see.

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Really cool, thanks for sharing it!

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Posted by CFB

I think this is my new favourite feature. Hearing about the whole design process from the beginning is super interesting.

Plus I can definitely relate to spending way too much time looking for/creating perfect images!

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Vinny and Dave, I love you. More of these videos! Cant wait to see the AE one.

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@Slaker117 said:

Video production seems hard.

It is, but I hear there's good money in it. Also, realizing that I am in way over my head in terms of being a video guy, college degree be damned.

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Posted by dezvous

Haha! This is awesome! Love Photoshop and After Effects.

Do you guys ever find yourself in need of 3D work being done? Have those programs around if you did?

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Posted by ApeGantz

Patrick, we LOVE you

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I'm working on something similar... very very helpful.

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this is interesting! i didn't assume that dave did these animations.

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This makes me realize I CAN NEVER DO WHAT THESE GUYS DO.

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That Asian girl is like in half of this video. I don't mind.

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fascinating stuff, kinda makes me wish I had more photoshop skills :)

looking forward to part deux!

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Posted by ThePilgrums

How long until someone asks for Dave's desktop image?

This was really cool. Thanks, guys.

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@dezvous said:

Haha! This is awesome! Love Photoshop and After Effects.

Do you guys ever find yourself in need of 3D work being done? Have those programs around if you did?

I spent a solid summer learning lightwave, but haven't really had to use it much. Vinny knows a smattering of Maya and we have it in office, but in general we don't have a lot of time to make things too complex. That's why we mostly stick with the PSD to AE format. Normally you have a full time guy on 3d and a separate full time guy on animations. We usually have to rush through everything.

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Posted by Jugglerman

This is great info! The thing I would love is a video podcast of the game of the year deliberations, just to see Jeff & Brad inches away of killing each other over Skyrim & Saints Row 3.

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Vinny being burned out really bums me out :(

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@ThePilgrums said:

How long until someone asks for Dave's desktop image?

This was really cool. Thanks, guys.

Welcome to now.

Anyone have a link to that desktop image?

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Posted by metascension

As a fan that spends most of his days at work with After Effects/Photoshop/Maya on one monitor and Giant Bomb on the other, I really dig this feature. I wish I had the freedom to bust out insane "SPACE EGYPT" ideas in my video work.

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Posted by LiK

Awesome, I love learning about this stuff.

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creative, masterful, fantastic! I LOVE how hard core everyone is that works at whiskey.

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Nice behind the scenes stuff. Thanks guys!

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Informative! Like these subscriber videos a lot. They have a different feel. I guess they feel realer.

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This is great stuff. Thanks guys.

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@Paul_Is_Drunk said:

@ThePilgrums said:

How long until someone asks for Dave's desktop image?

This was really cool. Thanks, guys.

Welcome to now.

Anyone have a link to that desktop image?

His wallpaper was made by MichaelO. You can find his deviantART page here: http://michaelo.deviantart.com/

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hahaha this is awesome! always have been curious about workflow and pipeline stuff at GB...and this provides so useful insight!

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Posted by Skogen

Cabela's Giant Bomb End of Year Award Show

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It's amazing how much work went into this. I loved the FMV intros when I first saw them, but knowing how much went into making them brings me to a whole new level of appreciation.

Sometimes on the outside looking in, you assume that any knucklehead with Photoshop could do the same thing. Once you know how much actually goes into it, you realize how talented these guys are, and how non-talented you are. All this in addition to being wonderful people to listen to in podcasts!

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This is great. More of these please!

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this is why I love giantbomb

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Wow, awesome job guys. I love these behind the scenes videos. And Dave, you are seriously talented with Photoshop. Good work duder!

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Can't wait for the aftereffects video.

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Really interesting to watch, can't wait for Part 2!

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This is probably super boring for most people, but I love this behind the scenes stuff.

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27 minutes of Vinny and Dave? Love it!