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I love these behind the scenes stuff.

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Hey Vinny, can you stop posting all this awesome stuff until I'm done with my exams? Thanks.

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you guys put in hard work, as these videos amek me appreciate it more.

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Loving these videos.

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Was waiting for another of these!

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Hey look, its the 2012 Village people :)

Great work guys.

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"What if he just talked in dubstep?"


It's amazing to see all the work that went into the GOTY videos. It was totally worth it. Fantastic work by everyone.

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Late night Behind the Scenes...oh yeah!!

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liking the Dub-Klep

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The Reason dubstep stuff for Patrick was really cool; great work guys, and these Behind the Scenes videos are equally awesome.

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Sweet Jesus, I really REALLY want them to put out just a montage of all the outtakes. That would be the best.

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Will we see more of the raw green-screen footage/ bloopers? Both Jeff's and Ryan's acting was so hilarious.
Also - Space Egypt should totally have its own series.

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these behind the scenes videos were awesome i hope there are more in the future

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The amount of detail that goes into these videos is ridiculous.

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I hope we get to see more Behind the Scenes stuff after they're done showing the GOTY behind the scenes. This stuff is awesome.

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... And this is why Giant Bomb is my sole bookmarked game-related website.

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Suhweet. Got some Final Cut and everything. Love the behind the scenes videos like this.

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I know this video has some, but I sure hope they release a video with all of the deleted scenes/outtakes. (Not sure if they have already come out and said that they would or not) That would probably end up being one of my favorite videos on the site.

Also, like others have mentioned, it's insane how much work went into making those GoTY videos. Great job to everyone involved.

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This is perfect. Love to see the process. Both Dave and Vinny have messy source files.

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Now Patrick's dubstep should be on Jeff's Trackmania Server

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really loving these behind the scenes videos. give us more!

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Pat-step dub-klep. best part! good job guys!

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good job guys

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I want a plushie of Ryan with a mini sombrero. Take my money!

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Please release all the unedited footage. PLEASE. That looks awesome.

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hahaha, Patrick's dubstep talk is so much better after Vinny explained how it was made.

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After this, I demand that we get all the bloopers/deleted scene. THE INTERNET NEEDS IT!

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Haha, I've actually been to that castle. Neuschwanstein in Germany. This stuff is great, thanks so much for putting it up!

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You know Vinny could knock it out of the park too RE: Outtakes/Blooper Reel, so I really hope he gives it a shot

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Awesome stuff! Always cool to see how craziness is made.

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Best use of FMV should be a real category again.

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Release the rest of the footage, please please please please please.

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This game of the year show was AMAZING. The best videos I have ever seen related to best video games in the year on the internet. Awesome job guys!

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This stuff is absolutely mesmerizing. So cool that you could put this together Vinny. Thanks!

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Look at that delicious 2560 x 1440 resolution. The only way to work.

Love these video's! Hombre Ryan Davis is the best thing ever.

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Outtakes please.

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Holy cow I never realized how much work it takes just to entertain my sorry ass for an hour or two.

Mass kudos, staff. Mass kudos.

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wow good jobs guys that looks tough

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kind of cool to find out how GB works...

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Awesome guys! Outtakes are great :p

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Wow, this was so awesome. Thanks for a great fucking job with this.

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Oh, this is great. Awesome work guys.

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Wow, it takes a lot of effort to make it look so cheap and amateur! :)

Awesome stuff guys and these behind the scenes vids are excellent.

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That is the longest i've seen 'After Effects' run without crashing!

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Oh man, I would love to see outtakes.

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Did Patrick stay in character for the whole week?

"How was your day honey?"

"Waaap, Waaapwapapwaaaaap, Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! ".