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Vinny really likes this video.

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That looks really good!

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lol, there was a double post on the front page for a second. Greed was greedy.

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Eh, bit too slow-paced for me

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nom nom nom greed

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1. Collect underpants
2. ???
3. Profit

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The harvester collects the resources and then plummets into a fathomless abyss along with all the goodies it has collected. Hmm design flaw.

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@S0ndor:  using faulty equipment and using it with the knowledge of this fault? is greed corp microsoft?
da dum tshhhh! 
Couldn't resist it :P
*brings up flame shield*
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I am excited for this game, it looked really cool when they did the quick look on giantbomb. If the game is 10 dollars or less its a day one purchase.

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@swamplord666: Ohohoh you dirty dog, you!
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It really looks like a great concept. I wish I could like these kind of games so that I would play this. Sadly I don't. So I hope that it's cool for people that like this kind of stuff. It sure looks cool.

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*Step 3: Profit joke here*
Looks like dumb fun, which I'm all for.

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wtf I swear it said Green Corp not Greed.

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No idea what's going on here.

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Oh God, this is GFWL as well as XBLA? 
Great, now I have to buy two copies.

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This looks like one of those games that 's pretty decent but sells like 5 copies.

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Yes, this game is going to be awesome! 
Not that i'm unbiased or chauvinistic about it. 
Dutch game developers rule!!! 
Hebzucht Aandelend!!!
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@swamplord666 said:
" 1. Collect underpants 2. ??? 3. Profit "
Oh hell yeah
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That was some great music and art direction in that trailer.

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The quicklook was good and it seems like a really cool game. I wish I havent grown away from tactics style games.  I used to enjoy them when I was younger, but now the only one I can play and still enjoy is FFT.  They are no longer satisfying for me to play and I dont really know why exactly.

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@swamplord666 said:
" @S0ndor:  using faulty equipment and using it with the knowledge of this fault? is greed corp microsoft? da dum tshhhh!  Couldn't resist it :P *brings up flame shield* "
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Fuck this game. I want an XBLA remake of Rare's Blast Corps.

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this video is completely different than the last video they released, tone wise. Im not sure what their going for exactly. The last one was all self despondent and heavy handed about corporate greed, and this ones all big brass band and lighthearted sketch books. You cannot have your morality speech cake and eat it too, unless your oddworld

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If this game comes with that type of music then SOLD *plops down $ bag* 
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This is what I've been waiting for!

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This game is completely missing my interest.

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that music needs to be in the game somewhere

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I totally thought of blast corps too.

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wana play this with the sketch look instead

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That's some real unstable ground.

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The song, reminds me of Anticipation