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Posted by Dane

OMG YAY! It's Greg Kasavin! He is my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is awesome! I love Greg Kasavin! He is so cool!!!!

Posted by baaser

It's great to see Greg Kasavin again. He was one of my favorite game reviewers from Gamespot along with of course Jeff, Brad, Ryan D and Alex Navarro. My most memorable Greg Kasavin moment was when he did the Oblivion 24 hour marathon game play and near the end of it the building fire alarm went off so he had to evacuate. Also, love the weekly Bombcasts guys keep up the good work........

Posted by PitifullPete

I think he's ennerving to listen to. Simply in terms of presentation.

Posted by Webby

Always great to see GregK, good vid.

Posted by LDub

Wow, Greg and Jeff back to back, lol. Its good to see Greg again, I always wondered which studio he went to work for after he left GS

Posted by Kraznor

Dang, can't believe Greg hasn't played MGS4 yet. He struck me as a big fan of the series. Very much agreed with his MGS3 review, despite the "low" score.

Posted by Cube

Unbelievable to see Jeff interviewing Greg.

Man, that's awesome.

Posted by Hamst3r

Greg + Jeff = win!

Posted by MachoFantastico

I have to admit, I'm loving Red Alert 3 at the moment.

Bravo Greg.
Posted by AutomaticSnake

cool nice to see greg again

Posted by Pazy

This is false advertising! I wanted to see a hot lady lol
But in all seriousness Greg is awesome, though im still not 100% sure on the console version of RAE3 (or any RTS tbh even the End War demo didnt take my voice lol). Ill probably wait until my PC is better and pick up C&C3, C&C3:KW and RA3.

Posted by zyn

Greg and Jeff!  Awesome!

Posted by ikaruga

nice to see you again greg

Posted by The_Infamous_C4

Its Almost sad To here that greg hasn't had the time to play mgs4.

Posted by Vision

I wanna know where Jeff bought his T-Shirt :P

Posted by Johnny5

nice shirt on greg :P

Posted by Rockanomics


Posted by Jimbo_N

*Joining in* GREG KASAVIN! *salutes*

Posted by OtakuRay

Greg and Jeff together again!!! this is historical

Posted by xplodedd

i miss greg on on the spot :(

Posted by fleethefactory

Jeff that shirt is super tight.  Now tell your moms to mind her business.

Posted by mrdre

Great to see Greg again.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Awesome! warms my heart to hear those two voices at the same time again.

Posted by Media_Master

nice! Hope PS3 version is good

Posted by John

Greg for prez!!

Posted by Keeng

I totally agree that it's awesome to see Greg. It's also pretty cool that Jeff is interviewing him. Five years ago I would not have expected that!

Posted by Carrie

Greg makes me happy. Yay!

Posted by DJDarkViper

oh Greg, your still as awesome as ever.

its really nice to see Greg and Jeff side by side again, its been far too long. Im glad this interview happened, really made my day :)

Posted by fbasque78

The whole time during the interview I was asking myself :

Is Greg short or is Jeff the tall one?

Posted by FallenFatKid

Greg is back

Posted by alsnuts2

Can someone answer me this: Why cant MS make a mouse for Xbox360? Seriously? Am I the only one who has thought about that?

I feel like I am on crazy pills!


Posted by ElectricHaggis

Its always good to see Greg Kasavin.

Posted by giyanks22

Greg is awesome.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Greg Kasavin is still awesome. Even though I won't play his game. Because I suck at RTS games as a whole

Posted by thomas10soa

go greg hope it scores well

Posted by LaszloKovacs

I was so happy to hear Greg's voice again that I almost couldn't concentrate on what he was saying.

Posted by ArclightBorealis

Hey, if it isn't Greg Kasavin! I was wondering what happened to him after he left Gamespot. Good to see he's doing good.

*salutes Greg*

Posted by Coldbrand

I am extremely disappointed with this game. Everything seems like it had potential but it has pathing issues the ass. The internet features are fucking terrible and powered by gamespy and its sour malware core. But worst of all are the fucking draconian methods of securom and THE FACT IT'S MADE ON THE GENERALS ENGINE, WHICH I DID NOT KNOW. That means it plays like fucking mollases and looks even more cartoony than you can pick up from the video footage.

Posted by quezcatol
Posted by Spiritof

I keep waiting for Lucadeer's eyes to glow....

Posted by Aaron_G

Greg! Good to hear his voice again!

Posted by ChocolateCoffin


Posted by NinjaSquirrel

Greg Kasavin is teh shiz

Posted by sdauz

yeah i remember the oblivion gameplay marathon

Posted by Pop

where's the chick in the picture? xD

Posted by kajankua

greeeg! yaaaay! :D

Posted by Bardon

niceeee. good to see greg again.

Posted by Kasreyn

Nice, it's Greg on the telly!

Posted by kozmo7

GREG! <3

Posted by SLE4ZY

oh man, I miss you soo much Greg. You and Jeff are what made Gamespot so damn fun. Hope your game turns out to be a great seller

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