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Posted by Ryan


Posted by cikame

Don't like santana

Posted by IAmWanderlust

lol, great Lonely Island reference!

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Well be careful, 'cause that shit will get you fucked up bitch.

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Bongo drum addon?

Posted by DanielJW

Fellas fellas, whats all the hubbub about?

Posted by Darko

LMAO. Love the Lonely Island reference!

Posted by sealog444
@cikame said:
"Don't like santana"

agreed, haven't ever heard a song that caught me
Posted by DorianBlack

Whats with the realistic art direction?

Posted by skrutop

Santana's songs sound very much alike, but I imagine that the drumming will be fun on that song.

Posted by fillmoejoe

Damn for a minute I thought E-40 was going to spit 16s with Santana.

Posted by OphliaHuntress

Santana DVX?!

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What is that Cristal? No, dumpeee? hell no, this is that Carlos Santana champagne, OH SHIT SANTANA DVX!

Posted by lostinthewired


Posted by LordKorax

Excuse me fellas. Might I understand that Carlos Santana has made a Guitar Hero track?

Posted by Milkman

Why is E-40 the screen cap of this video? Am I missing something?

Posted by LordKorax
@artofwar420: "Dumpeee?" Please tell me you screwed that up on purpose. I just... I...
Please. I don't... oh, god...
Posted by artofwar420
Posted by coffeesash

Stevie Wonder has a song on this? Guitar Hero? Guitar?

Posted by Defunctfrenzy

Soo, am I the only one to think Mr Santana (at 47 seconds) looks like he's out of RE game? It's the glow in the eyes...

Posted by JohnDudebro
@coffeesash said:
" Stevie Wonder has a song on this? Guitar Hero? Guitar? "
It's Superstition, which has just enough guitar to be awesome.
Posted by CurtisManCannon

Anyone doesn't like Santana is a classless f###boy!  And it appears some of you all need to get hip to "The Lonely Island" as well. 

(I'm probably your daddy, I probably nutted in your mammy!)

Posted by Gav47
@lostinthewired said:
Ahh, you beat me to it! ^_^
Posted by nrain

Who the hells that black guy on the cover. He's no guitar god.

Posted by JJOR64

Cool?  I just hope that the standard character models are way better in this game.  They were horrible in World Tour.

Posted by Milkman
Posted by XaiaX
@BananaKid said:
" @coffeesash said:
" Stevie Wonder has a song on this? Guitar Hero? Guitar? "
It's Superstition, which has just enough guitar to be awesome.
They should make it an authentic Stevie Wonder experience, and have no visible notes for that song. Or just turn the screen completely dark.
Posted by electrolemon

As a kid, I used to lay awake and think, when was Santana gonna make a drink?

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not a fan, but I appreciate his music :P

EDIT: damn his animation looks MAD good!
Posted by Boom_goes_the_dynamite

You know I heard a horse drunk a bottle and f ' ed a cow.

Posted by coffeesash
@BananaKid said:
"It's Superstition, which has just enough guitar to be awesome. "
Superstition doesn't really have ny guitar on it, the main instruments are clavinet and horns. There's a guitarist in the background making percussive noises on the strings. The main riff is on clavinet which is a keyboard. So the guitar line should be constant rhythmic strumbar with no buttons pressed. Fun.
Posted by phlegms

Rock Band Beatles > anything Guitar Hero related ever!

Posted by JackiJinx

Man, I so don't need this game.

Posted by Choi
Looks more like Scatman John to me, hahaha...
Posted by elitefury

Bastards! I actually thought it was Julez for a second. I'll should of known better.

Posted by Dauragon

Excuse me gentlemen? Am I to believe that Carlos Santana has his own champagne?

Posted by buzz_killington

I really like Santana. But he has sex with the guitar on the stage, just watch some of his earlier concerts.

Posted by Truckalicious

Santana Challenges You!
(press green to continue)

Posted by MeatSim

The caption on the video is excellent. 

Posted by GamerGeek360

I love the Lonely Island Santana DVX quote on the video! Great man!

Posted by HatKing

Not sure I approve of the creepy faux-realistic look to the characters in this game. 

Posted by PLWolf

"Santana DVX makes you wanna have Sex"

Love it, and I'm probably the only one here looking forward to playing GT5. lol

Tell you what, after seeing the caption I was wishing it was Santana DVX in the game. But that would entail neversoft/acitivision being full of win.

Posted by JonathanMoore

Bored. Of. This. Band.

Posted by Tomtefar

ow ffs -.-  gief more Iron Maiden, Soilwork, w/e more metal or actual rock..

Posted by CrystaljDesign

Oh shit, that's my joint!

Posted by Keeng

Ladies and gentlemen...THE BEATLES---oh, wait...

Posted by erik_wolff

Carlos SAnTANa will eat your soul.

Posted by Mootalstrike

Nice addition to Guitar Hero.

Posted by Roger_Klotz
@Ryan said:

Thats carlos santana in the matrix.
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