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Looks Good!


Posted by Vigorousjammer


Posted by TheMikelGuereca

I don't like the look of Guitar Hero games, all toony.

Posted by WreckinRodRumbler

Talk about Milking a Franchise..

But they DO have Dire Straits and King Crimson. Come on, Harmonix. GET EM

Posted by phlegms

They don't have any Beatles songs, so no thanks.

Posted by Lukeweizer

Blink 182 is the only song? No thanks.

Posted by Jayzilla

i am not a guernsey. stop trying to milk me like one. these songs should all just be DLC.

Posted by JeffGoldblum

I like that song, but it does not really match the look of the video.

Posted by sociald1077

If it looks as good as that trailer, count me in.

I have enjoyed all of the GH and RB (outside of GH:Aerosmith) and I love the party idea behind this. The jump in/jump out on a 128 song set list sounds amazing for having at a party with lots of other things going on. It can be the music AND a fun thing to do.

Posted by dsplayer1010
@JeffGoldblum: I was thinking the same thing.
Posted by YoungDetective
@samsam1029: We don't do that here.
Posted by Jimbo_N

From looking at the list they show for a brief second I´m not to stoked. But I´ll buy it anway to update the DLC platform.

Posted by Reverseface

5 is too many.

Posted by Cheapoz

Great features, crap songs!

Posted by Ineedaname

There's something not right in showing mostly heavy metal band members and playing Blink 182.

It's like In Flames coming out and playing that.

Posted by Kolonel_Kool

Is any one else excited about this game?  I know I'm not.  I enjoy the Guitar Hero series, but it's just not as good since Neversoft took over.  I vividly remember Tony Hawk's Pro Skater being terrible after the thirs installment.  Neversoft has a knack for overloading their games, and I don't see that changing at all.  They should try releasing new ones every two years or something, because it always looks like more of the same.  I don't even buy sports games yearly anymore.

Posted by Mouth

Good song from blink 182, Shitty game. No thanks. Go Harmonix!

Posted by RHCPfan24

.....Eh......I am glad that my desire to get this game is mitigating. Last thing I need is another music game.

Posted by zityz

I have to say Im liking the look of the models now. Each game they start to look less and less deformed, but still manage to make it its own.

Posted by DannyJ

Guitar Hero should learn a thing or two from Rockband. Instead of releasing a new game every year, they should just release DLC music. My friends were pissed when they stopped releasing DLC music in June and almost none of what they had released was any good. While on the other hand Rockband has 2 main games and 2 band games (with Beatles on the way), and releases a steady flow of DLC sounds to improve the longevity of their games and probably makes a killing.

Posted by Ouroboros

Oh god, Elton John?

Posted by Death_Unicorn

I admit I like Blink 182, quite a lot. However, I'm gonna take a wild guess, and say that "The Rock Show" will be the only Blink song in the game.

Posted by LeoMinor

Yeah, I'll be getting The Beatles.

Posted by MjHealy

I think I have given up on Guitar Hero. I loved III so much (even if it was Neversoft) but I miss the more non-fake rock style of the older games.

Posted by GagnarTheUnruly

I liked it best when it was GUITAR hero, not 'pop rock' hero.  

Posted by Videogames

No primus = no buy

Posted by pepper

I just don''t care anymore. Is it just me, or have they released so many Guitar Heroes lately that this release just seems insignificant?

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN


Posted by Chokobo

If they fix all the technical shit that was wrong with WT, Metallica, and Smash hits in terms of achievements and multiplayer career then I'm in.

I'm mainly intrigued by the challenge idea.  I hope they're varied enough/difficult enough to be interesting at high expert level play.

Posted by Bubahula

i dont know, for some reason i just cant take guitar hero seriously, even though i play it and its fun, mabye its the songs,

Posted by AthleticShark
@Jayzilla: That such a naive thing to say. DLC would have been more expensive and hardly anyone ever gets the same DLC as you so your always stuck playing the songs on the disc.
Posted by Pat_Menards

One thing I'll have to say is I spotted Queen & David Bowie. "Under Pressure" anyone??

Posted by RoyaleWifCheese

It's funny. It's like they're releasing a new one every single year. Neversoft is treating it like Tony Hawk and pretty soon, no one will buy into it anymore. I've had more fun with both Rock Bands combined than with GH:WT. I don't care if the songs in this one are better, as long as the note charts in GH continue to suck, I'll still play Rock Band. I'm finished with Guitar Hero.


Posted by MeatSim

Innovative features lol.

Edited by Abomstar

This setlist isn't getting a very warm response from what I've been reading, but let me say, as someone who has listened to all the songs and follows the guitar game scene closely, 5 really is as "fresh" as they claimed it would be. Many inspired choices and instrumentally unique sections that will make for some distinctive charts, and this is coming from a Rock Band fanboy who was all-around disgusted with the bland, obvious direction Neversoft took with WT. 21stCSM is a bona-fide classic, and the drumming in the bridge section will be worth the price of admission. Jeff Beck's Scatterbrain could potentially be the standout guitar lead in the series.

That each song comes with its own Achievement-esque "challenge" is also promising. If they manage to improve the game's engine just a tad to get it up to Rock Band speed, and improve the sound quality, this will be a very significant step for GH.

As an aside, the general apathy-to-disdain for the franchise on this site is as hilarious as always, but, well, no -- it's actually beginning to get really annoying. Why do we need to read the countless "meh" or "make it stop!!!" posts? Is there any chance for intelligent rhythm game discussion on Giant Bomb? I don't remember this sort of uprising in the BEMANI games era. Why's it apparently so unforgivable to make another installment for a music game that adds new songs and features? While the games are popular, it's still a very niche thing (meaning, no, stuff like this doesn't necessarily need to be reported on alongside other game news, but still, leave it alone), and I don't think it's fair to compare it to other series when it comes to "milking it." I'm definitely more of a music fan than a gamer, so I don't think they've even begun to approach the saturation point, since each and every song provides a different experience. For more information, visit http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/lcad/music-games-rant/30-27621/. He said it first. Thank you.

By the way, the full leaked setlist is here (it's real): http://www.joystiq.com/2009/07/08/unofficial-the-complete-guitar-hero-5-track-list/

Posted by ZestyMule

No Coheed = Not Buyin

Posted by elektrixx

I still dunno about the art style. The Greatest Hits trailer looks all different & blurry too. As far as I can tell, the character's hair moves and that's all that's changed.

Posted by leeto

At least it has Blink!

Posted by Hughes

4 highways at once seems pretty cluttered. With that said, I'll probably be getting this game eventually. I still need to catch up on Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero Metallica.

Posted by CrashTanuki

Unveiling only one song in a video about the setlist is complete failure.

Posted by sociald1077

I concur on all points!
Posted by OllyOxenFree

I stopped playing Guitar Hero after the second one.  Copy Pasta series is Copy Pasta.

Posted by Kajaah117

3 Guitar Heroes later, I'm still happy with Rock band 2. The jumping in and out can be done with a patch, and no song-import from previous games? Not even support for the old DLC? The hell is wrong with them?!

And no Dream Theater= No buy.

Posted by HatKing

I for one am pretty damned impressed with the artists the flashed up there...I can't wait to see the actually list of songs.  It could maybe be enough to get me back into these games.

Posted by Bruce

A generic trailer that does nothing to make me forget that Rock Band is awesome, yay!

Posted by sociald1077

They have said that all DLC will transfer.
Posted by Kajaah117
@sociald1077: Really? That's good. Finally some fan-service.
Posted by Kyle
@Bruce said:
"A generic trailer that does nothing to make me forget that Rock Band is awesome, yay!"
Posted by Kyle
@pepper said:
" I just don''t care anymore. Is it just me, or have they released so many Guitar Heroes lately that this release just seems insignificant? "
It's definitely not you...
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I want to play in the middle of space in real life!!!

Oh yeah cool features!!!

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