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finally first comment :)

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@btman:  delete it and let me be number 1 :'( (probably doesnt even work like that either)
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i love half lifeee..

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EDIT: Wow, did not expect to be fourth... Fucking closest one yet.

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Weird seeing that Valve movie magic applied to the ancient models and assets of HL2... but I like it.
Also, I like how the last complete word out of Breen's mouth was "sandwich".

 Cross promotion!
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That is pretty cool.
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@VicRattlehead: funny thing is i got first in an article on screened today too.  so 2 in 1 day lol.
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Is this the real Brad?

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Okay, Valve, that was awesome.

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Nice.  Will get. 
Oh, and would this be just the first one? Or 1 and 2? 
Oh, what about Episode 3?  
It would be cool if Valve decided to release episode 3 for mac only. 
Maybe? Okay, I would be thankful if it ever came out at all.

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Valve released a few teaser images that mashed Apple ads with Valve games. I remember this being one of the images.
If that's the case, hopefully the next one will be a TF2 iPod dance off.

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I love Half Life and I love this clip.

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Nice shot!

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That's how you do a parody.

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That was freakin awsome!  Would've been cool if they showed that in the theaters before Iron Man 2(or some other popular movie). 

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It's great to see HL2 on OS X.  Maybe I'll get to actually finish it now. :p  
Seriously, I know it's going to run slower (darn video drivers.  Come on Apple!) but it means I don't have to reboot to play which means I'm much more likely to play. :)  

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NIcely done. My hair is a bird.

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I just bought HL2 pack for PC :D so far its goooood!

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This will kick off when the Counter Strike Source Beta Update is released and CSS works on Mac. That will bring alot of gamers. I wonder when TF2 will get the update.

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Congrats Mac owners! You are getting a 6 year old pc game!
What's next for the Mac? Doom 3 maybe?

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It's not just a 6 year old PC game, it's an influential part of a great series of games. Don't judge things just by how long they've existed. >_>

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Oh, that's good. That's really good. Bravo Valve. Now give me Episode Three, and I'll really be happy. 
P.S. The noise of the civil alert from the Citadel sends shivers up my spine every time.
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@puje1 said:
" Congrats Mac owners! You are getting a 6 year old pc game! What's next for the Mac? Doom 3 maybe? "
Doom 3 has already come out for Mac, actually.
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Seriously? Half Life 2? On a Mac? Who cares.
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This video would be more correct if the framerate would slow down during the high-motion parts.
Seriously, have you played Portal on a Mac?  Jerky jerky jerky!  Apple writes video drivers to make people video-game losers!  I dare you to compete against a PC user in an online match...loser!

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Best Trailer ever, I think I just weeped a little.

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Oh my god! it's May 26th right now!

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apple just tookover microsoft. apple is now worth more...its fucking insane. 

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I'm going to bed.
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Extra work for a small percentage of gamers.

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That's great haha.