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Saw this earlier. Made me excited for a Halo game again, looks pretty damn cool.

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Cant Wait

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This makes me incredibly stoked about this game, I was really worried this would just be a Halo 3.2 (Halo 3.1 being ODST), but this game looks like stepping back at the 'exploring' you did in Combat Evolved.
I can't wait to see what comes from this.

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Looks good. Just wish some of the original CE cast was still on there. They had talent.
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I seriously can't fucking wait for the beta, yet alone the actual game. 

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Looks amazing/

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Sandbox game? Alright.

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Wow, been awhile since halo took my attention.

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Yay! They're finally doing what i want them to! Am I a bad person for being psyched about this game now?

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Squad based games are usually more tactical so I'm really looking forward to this . . .

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awsomesauce express awsome

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Looks really good.

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This gave me a halogasm.

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Meh.  Ill probably play it but I dont see Halo as the god send some people seem to make it out to be.

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Looks like fun.

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Sweet Beard

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I liked the first Halo but my interest in all things Halo waned with each subsequent sequel (haven't even played ODST yet).  But for some reason this makes me excited for a Halo game again.

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i didnt give a crap about ODST but I am interested in this

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Much more excited about Reach after this video, looks like it is going back to that open-ended feel I loved about certain parts of the original Halo. I still don't expect this to be as big as the Halo 3 launch, but at least I am looking forward to it more now.

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So far there keeping my attention unlike ODST.

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"... it's beautiful, it's alien, it's huge ..." 

   so, you never played the original Unreal, Steve Scott - Lead Effects Artist? Stepping out of the Spaceship?! Preferably having a 3dfx card in your 486 or higher Intel Processor.  
Next thing, the Bungie Duders will tell me, they never read Larry Niven's 1970's Sci-Fi novel Ringworld.

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No one pulls them (back) in like the halo team.
Now comes the golden years before hating on halo is cool again.

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THANK YOU bungie for making a better halo game

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Coming from someone who was not a huge fan of the Halo series, I have to say this looks amazing. Also, Sage Merril has the greatest beard known to man. He could kill people with that thing.

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i dont like halo but this looks really good

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Haha, I laughed a bit when the one guy mentioned just how different the campaign experience was going to be and that they'll do things that you wouldn't expect from Halo... and then the video cut to a spartan going from the regular run to a sprint mode.

Man, this game is going to be awesome.

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This looks fantastic, I gotta say.Halo 3 was a good game, but only felt like what Halo 2 should've been.

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Bungie has redeemed itself!
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Eh, I've played all the Halos.... Sprinting, more marines, and more polygons, without any amazing gameplay changes just isn't enough. I think Bungie is too worried about straying to far away from their core halo fans, that they overlook the opportunity to truly innovate the FPS genre like they did with HALO CE. It's a shame... the spend all this time on creating these "amazing engines", when everyone else is using the Unreal engine and making games that are new experiences. The Battlefield series is a perfect example of working within the confinements of staying true with the core audience, but while creating new ways to play the game which reinvent the experience all over again. 

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wow... Halo has evolved :) I'm surprised to say, i'm excited for this!
SPRINT! Stealth moves!

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Hey lets not have another 4 hour campaign in co-op mode thanks. 

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@drewmaw: did you even watch the video?
Large battlefield fights of 30 vs 30 in single player has never been done in a halo game, cover based shooting, SPRINTING!
It's a far cry from the standard fare of 1 brute/elite surrounded by  3 grunts and a jackal. If you want a bigger change than the video shows in halo you're expecting it to not be halo, and hell not even an FPS.
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Well it looks all well and good and I like that I am hearing it will be a sandbox, but my biggest complaint with Halo (especially after playing ODST) is how dated it the game play feels. In ODST the controls felt floaty, which made your character feel weightless. The lack of iron sights drove me up a wall and the reintroduction of health packs with everything else just made it feel like it was something from 10 years ago. I know they are adding a perks like system into the game, but based off what has been shown I really wonder if they are doing enough to update Halo. The lack of showing iron sights in that video bothers me and is leading me to believe it's not enough.

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Likin the weapons, likin the sandbox idea, likin the sound of a lot of these changes. Woot for throwing out the old system, these guys have a thing for polygons. WHOA I JUST GOT TO THE PART WHERE YOU CAN RUN. I will buy this

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This seriously has the potential to be the best game in the series since Combat Evolved. I can't wait to see what comes of it.

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@Cerza: sounds to me like you want COD.
Standing still looking down iron sights and shooting isnt halo.
Halo is about controled spraying, gaining the high ground, suprising the enemy and movement while doing al that "floaty jumping"
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@Cerza:  If you've got a thing for iron sights, Modern Warfare is a-callin. Its my guess Bungie assumes that hundreds of years in the future guns won't have them anymore.
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@Zabant said: No. I just want a game that has modern mechanics and features that have come to be expected as the norm in the FPS genre and not something that feels like a game that came out in 2001.
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That looks super sharp, certainly more interesting than ODST.

@Cerza:  Wanting iron sights in Halo is like wanting iron sights in Unreal Tournament.  The plethora of first person shooters with iron sights awaits you. Iron sights.
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Every time one of the developers says 'Polygon' 

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 @Cerza: if your definition of modern mechanics isn't spriting, multiple person battles, AI that take cover and arent scripted then you dont know what makes a modern FPS
As for your floaty controls and health pack comments, health packs were because ODST are not spartans, the reach team is. I will say it again, halo is floaty controls by DESIGN, it's how the fans and the people making it enjoy playing halo.
if you do not like the core concepts of halo, dont expect to like Reach and dont expect them to throw it all out of the window to cater for the Modern Warfare auidence.

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yes, SPRINT!

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Looks very good.
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Oh man, my excitement for Halo has no jump-started itself. They are really pushing the Xbox to it's limits in this one.
How is it that developers always manage to pull more polygons out of their asses 2-3 games down the road... with the same hardware? Hurray for advances in technology I suppose. I'm not complaining!

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That beard was awesome.  Oh yeah, game looks good too.