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Good Lord

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I miss Fezzik. :(

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Razor!!! Let's hope there's an nWo version in there somewhere at least of Hall and Nash.

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I will probably never touch the mode, but it's neat if they go all out with video packages and it's not just slapping those guys into a match and because you picked a menu item that said Wrestlemania it's supposed to mean something.

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Were is drunk Ric Flair?

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Glad to see they've got the Hogan vs Rock match from Wrestlemania X-8 in there. That match basically defined my adolescent wrestling obsession.

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Do we also get to perform a shooting-star press, land on our heads, and still beat Kurt Angle for the WWE championship?

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Fezzik are there rocks ahead?

If there are we'll all be dead

No more rhymes now, I mean it.

Anybody wanna peanut?


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I lost my shit when I saw Razor Ramon on the ladder.

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I doubt I'll ever play 2k14, but that trailer just made my inner wrestling fan very hype. Wrestlemania X-Seven!

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I'd really like them to fix/improve Universe mode.

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Razor Ramon??! I don't buy wrastlin' games. Hell I haven't watched a match in years, but you're telling me that Razor FREAKIN' Ramon is in this game? Insta-buy!

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Slam a giant, retire a legend, deflower a virgin.

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So many retired wrestlers, but where is Sabin?

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Pretty underhanded for WWE to show Piper in the beginning of the promo when he isn't in the game.

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I can't wait to play as Razor Ramon.

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i havent played a wrestling game sense smackdown 06 but man i really want to play the wrestlemania mode!

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Shame it's still developed by Yuke's. The series needs new life.

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