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Wooo new office!

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Stream not found D:

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Ha! No stream duders!

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yes content

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Stream not found?

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Broken. :/

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Embedded file is broken, wheee.

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Fix it fix it fix it fix it!

Edit: Hah, that is amazing.

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A sign of things to come, gentlemen.

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and so it begins! new digs, same lovable jank. GiantBomb 2: Opener World.

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Yay it's fixed. Awesome.

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Ohhhhh wait so Brad left Gamespot, but is staying with Giant Bomb?

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CONTENT! Yess... sweet... glorious, delicious content... nomnomnom.

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I hope they will be able to get the GB vibe and charm going in that boring generic office.

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Sweetwater is a great company though excellent customer service

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I loved that this is linked to the 'Phone' wiki page.

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Press one on your telephone!

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Press 1 on your telephone. Message Deleted.

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What was that word she said? I didn't quite catch it.....all 50 times!

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I'm posting a comment.

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@jozzy: Just as soon as Shaq's face, Luchadeer, Cobra, and Tokyo Drift get up on those walls.

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That's pretty crazy. You totally should have called some of them back!

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Vinny is looking dapper in that black shirt!

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More of this if you got any!

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Jesus Vinny =] Giant Bomb 2.0 has begun.

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Sheesh, Maya from financial services must have an old grudge against you or something.....

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That is surprisingly good quality for a phone... THE FUTURE!

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You guys look so weird in sunlight. What??

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That was way more amusing than it had any right to be. I love these gu[MESSAGE DELETED]

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Dig deeper into phone.

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...this is weird to watch. They don't have a bar they can go to during work now!

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@Chiefslapaho: I am reading your comment and replying to it...I think.

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THE SAME NUMBER!!!! lol still crazy shit going on so im good with all this

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Need more in office videos!

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@Tamaster92 said:

Vinny is looking dapper in that black shirt!

Yeah, I came back to post that I was impressed he dressed up.

I know he always wears black shirts, but this... THIS is a button-up, COLLARED black shirt.

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Having the same hair as Vinny is making me feel a lot better about getting older and losing my luscious mane. 

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You guys are gonna need to cover that bothersome light source to the left with a brick wall or something.

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"Dig Deeper into Phone"

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We need a "Message deleted" heavy drop.

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It's like they were abducted by aliens for 4 years.

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Needs more brick walls, shady couches and green screens.

And less cubicles.