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Posted by Salvatron

Hmm... feels like I've played this game several times before.

Posted by KemoSabe


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Sorry but no interest in the World War 2 setting

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I still love WWII shooters. Replayed Call of Duty 1 and 2 earlier this year and had a blast. Looking forward to this.

Posted by Benmo316

WWII shooters are back!

Posted by Veektarius

Hey, WWII shooters are back! They even brought back CoD 2's graphics.

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Posted by Happydevil

Seems ok

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I loved Black I just want more of that.

Posted by AjayRaz

i love to kill people in video games

Posted by Shrekeh

It's happened again, hasn't it? I've travelled back in time to 2005.

Posted by r3d_zombie

just, nah

Posted by cikame

That hostage mechanic is cool but everything else looks generic, if the animations and audio were better and there was less bloom it could be decent.

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I mean... Does this look like the WW2 Call of Duty games to anyone?

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"Well, this certainly does strike a different tone than that last video."

Boy, does it ever. It's as if that teaser trailer was a bunch of cheap, corny "emotional jugular" poop from my butt that isn't even representative of the actual game itself.

Posted by Shortbreadtom

Any FPS not set in the present day in Middle-Eastistan is OK in my books! Colour me vaguely optimistic? The shooting seems pretty generic though... hopefully the level design is interesting.

Also, MASSIVE tonal shift from the last emotionally manipulative ad to this one, with slow mo sniper shots to the gut.

Posted by MeatSim

Is it the early to mid 2000's again?

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

I'm positive nobody's surprised where this went after the last video.

Posted by altairre

@shrekeh said:

It's happened again, hasn't it? I've travelled back in time to 2005.

I hate it when that happens.

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Everything about this, including the name of the game, seems a little... umm.. generic?

Posted by captain_clayman


Posted by OriginalYellow

This kind of looks poorly made, and i'm not one to usually cast stones at a trailer.

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I'm okay with this

Posted by HatKing

That fucking bird chirps louder than a motorcycle engine, machine gun fire, or a grenade blast. CHIRP CHIRP CHIRPCHIRPCHIRP.

Posted by Hazelnuttz

The world war 2 setting is fine IMO. People are too quick to jump on the " it's WW2 so it's old hat" band wagon. The way they handle the subject matter is much more important than the setting and after watching this video I can say my interest in this game went from marginal to 0. It not only looks generic, but it looks clumsy and on top of that the bait and switch they pulled with this and the last trailer is pretty dickish.

HOWEVER, knowing how marketing works, there could be an entire side to this game that we haven't seen yet that more resembles the kind of solemn tale they implied they wanted to tell. We'll have to wait and see.

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This looks so old.(yes haha its WW2). It looks like something from mid 2000. Sniper elite + COD2.(those flowers sure looks flat.)

Posted by pondwhale

Why is everyone still so up in arms about a WW2 setting? When was the last time a good WW2 game came out? We get upset about modern military shooters now guys, c'mon.

Posted by Tennmuerti

Ugly and rote.

Posted by SilentBob251

This is not the WW2 shooter I was looking for. I'm in the camp that wants to revisit that time period after such a long period of modern military clones, but only if the game is doing something new or looks interesting. This game doesn't seem to fit either of those categories.

Posted by Grace_Omega

Hey look an FPS where you don't just follow a bunch of squadmates around all the time! Sign me up.

Posted by ThatOneDork

It would have been cool to see a WWII game akin to this except a little more creative and beefed up on the next-gen consoles/PC. For the release of this game, it would be kind of rotten if the PC version is held back by the 360 and PS3. I guess they think the install base for the new consoles isn't worth it yet.

Posted by weegieanawrench

No thanks, I'm good.

That first dude that was shot with the sniper rifle went FLYING.

Posted by Gaff

@shrekeh said:

It's happened again, hasn't it? I've travelled back in time to 2005.

@meatsim said:

Is it the early to mid 2000's again?

Tech companies are being bought for incredible prices, WW2 FPS games are coming back, Microsoft launched a console to lukewarm reception... Yep, we're back in the 2000s.

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Holy shit!

That vegetation looks straight out of the early 2000's!

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"City Interactive" OOOOOOOOOHHH, that's why...

Posted by MiniPato

I wasn't surprised by the tonal difference of the Dead Island trailer, and I wasn't with this.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

The WWII setting wouldn't be a problem if it was well made, but this just looks bad, both visually and gameplay wise.

Edited by FriendlyPhoenix

This looks about as bland and boring as I expected.

Posted by Orysef

Nice to see something news about this game:) I hope CI Games finished it soon. This trailer looks great. Much more interesting than the previous because here we can see combat style and how it look like in reality.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Was that knife extremely dull and coated in a heavy nasal sedative and that's why that man looked totally unharmed after having it dragged across his throat?

Posted by Vuud

City Interactive...

yeeeeeeeah no thanks.

Posted by Quarters

Well...definitely better than the last trailer.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

This is reminding me too much of CoD from what it use to look like before CoD4 to slow mo breaching, I just don't have high hopes for this game unfortunately.

Posted by impartialgecko

Last generation graphics and last generation design. I don't know whether games like this really have a place in my library anymore.

Posted by MonkeyKing1969

Looks interesting. I see tinges of old Metal of Honor in that, with all the screaming Germans. It might look just like a triple-b level game, but that still could be fun. I have to say I have saved up some lusty nostalgia for WWII games again.

Posted by AimlessAJ

Cool? Maybe?

Posted by Aiasdair

Graphics look sharp. Looks interesting, to say the least

Posted by TJMasterK

What exactly is this game offering me that I have not already experienced before?

I'm not saying that its not going to be good just because its in a WWII setting, I'm saying that there is no REAL new game mechanic here that we have not seen 700 times before.

Posted by ViciousBearMauling

What a disappointment...

They really could have done something unique with the whole "Citizens are affected by war" trailer.

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