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I have no interest in LoL, but I must admit that this looks interesting.

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Essentially if you've played Arathi Basin in WoW it's just like that, except with no neutral graveyards and there's little in the way of gear disparity. It's definitely more focused on building up your champion and fighting other champs.

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great way to speedtest some builds

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this is incredible. I love it!

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Waiting on the Dieminion version.

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I'm so down to play some LoL this week if anyone's down. Crazy fun.

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I will never understand the appeal for this game. It looks like absolute shit. And no, I'm not shitting on MOBAs in general, just on LoL.

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Oh good, more mono audio. =p

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@VinceNotVance said:

I'm so down to play some LoL this week if anyone's down. Crazy fun.

Please allow me to direct you to this here thread. You can find other people from GB to play with in there ;)
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@kollay said:

Waiting on the Dieminion version.

The east coast Guile player's version??

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I kinda wish they'd just gone ahead and made this like UT2k4's Onslaught mode -- it would require a bit more strategy than just MURDER DUDES ON POINTS FOR POINTS!

Still looks like fun, though.

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@jtman54179: Not really. There are multiple items that are both new for this mode, and others that are restricted from the usual mode. So one build you use normally may no longer apply here.

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Considering I'm still losing horribly to bots in LOL, I don't think I'm ready for an even more fast paced PvP mode that makes the focal points of the map even smaller. Still, one can hope that some day I will achieve competence.

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I hate mono audio.

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Yeah weird, it should be the same video we have on the YouTube channel but that one's in stereo. :(

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I noticed wards were marked as unable to purchase during that video. Huh, interesting.

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@kollay said:

Waiting on the Dieminion version.

The east coast Guile player's version??

LoL: Kevin Landon Edition.

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Shame that at least from what the beta has shown the game removes any skill or tactics from the game and reduces it to a domination mode of run to point kill or be killed and repeat. Very little tactical team play seems to be had. The fact they are claiming this to be the first "MOBA" to do this is also a hilarious statement on their part, as Bloodline Champions (as well as others) had this mode in from their release at least 6 months before. Biases in the heroes also makes this game mode incredibly unbalanced... with characters such Heimer and Annie able to take a point, hold and fortify against an entire enemy team solo. Leaving the rest of their team to hold 2 more points and win easily. At the moment this is just a fast win/loss with very little strategy, and even less sense of achievement.

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I actually started playing LoL again so I could try dominion.

I like it a lot.

Probably because the first 10-20 minutes of any given traditional MOBA match is incredibly boring and tedious. 30-45 minutes is a way too long for such a simplistic game.

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Dominion is pretty great. I encourage you people to try it.

@MrWoks: There's a lot more to teamplay then just walking around as one group. People just need time to learn how to play this mode, that's all. As or balancing, I find it funny, since you act like Annie is OP, but this is the first time I heard anyone say that. I hear most people say she's useless. This is what I'm getting at.

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@MrWoks: well put.

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Red? It looks more like orange to me...

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Getting exp and gold while doing nothing sounds like a terrible idea, though I haven't tried playing it myself.

Also, this seems to play a lot like Guilty Gear 2.

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It's a fun mode at first, but horribly imbalanced (Gangplank should be autobanned) and the lack of strategy makes it lose steam after a few games. Bloodline champions scratches this itch a lot better.

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@AaronChance: Try it if you already play LoL, it's fun and a lot more tactical then some trolls imply.

After 20-30 games from the beta, I can tell you that you can still get ahead of the opposing team by a large margin if you are crushing faces. The constant exp/gold allows you to navigate the map without being punished for it and it is still more worthwhile to B then to die.

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@Jokers_Wild: lack of strategy, lol. perhaps you ought to play it a little more with some good players before you say such a thing

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It's pretty fun. Really fast and crazy.

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@kollay said:


@kollay said:

Waiting on the Dieminion version.

The east coast Guile player's version??

LoL: Kevin Landon Edition.

I love you both.

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@MindOST: Well now I'm intrigued... my main complaint about DOTA is that I don't have 30+ minutes to invest in something I can pause or take 30 second break from. What's the average match length for Dominion Mode?

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Having played 6 matches on it, I feel that this is really well made. However, I don't personally enjoy it as much as Summoner's Rift. It's a lot more hectic, leading to my affectionate nickname "League of Duty." I won't be playing much more of it, but I expect that it will gain a significant following, possibly including a lot of new players.

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@langdonx: 15 to 25 minutes.

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My daughter and I have been playing the beta a lot lately (the open beta during certain hours of the day). Fun fast games (20 or so minutes).

Now we can play it anytime we like. SWEET!!!

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Dominion is awesome.

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@Enigma777 said:
I will never understand the appeal for this game. It looks like absolute shit. And no, I'm not shitting on MOBAs in general, just on LoL.
yeah ok.
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Dominion requires strategy just a DIFFERENT than standard Dota, you can't just rack up kills, hang back then push.

It is a well made map, fun as hell and quick to play. More importantly, it is different.

Too bad Giantbomb doesn't have any real Dota-like coverage rather than a random shout out. Seriously, LOL/Dota2/etc would be great as apart of a TNT.

I am really surprised Brad hasn't pushed for it.

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It's pretty damn fun, but at the same time, balanced 5s teams don't work like they do in SR. In turn, there are a ton of champs that are great/easy/cheap in terms of 1v1 fighting that will make this mode difficult for people to fully swallow. Given that Riot only valances characters based on SR ranked play, it'll always be a game mode that features more whiners than usual.

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@jakob187: They just need to split balancing between the two modes, because it doesn't make sense otherwise.

But, some characters like Annie/Xin have always been OPed, so being good in Dominion isn't really that interesting. (and Annie is probably second tier in Dominion anyway)

From experience, it seems like "squishy" support/range have the hardest time in dominion because they can't play defensively in the same way. Tanks and Carries are more self-sufficient so they usually do pretty well.

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Dominion is a fun aside from Summoner's Rift, but I don't see it as being a much of the focus as SR, for a few reasons.

One of the biggest is how badly the game mode is ruined by leavers. In Summoner's Rift, a 5v4 is tough but winnable due to the nature of the map. One less player means your team is getting more gold and experience, and consequently stronger heroes. In Dominion, experience and gold are largely passive returns that aren't affected by leavers. This means in a 5v4, both teams will have equally strong champions, and one team can just have a guy running around capping constantly.

Given the fact that in 20 attempted matches of dominion, I have had ONE game where somebody didn't leave, makes this a pretty big issue.

Balance is another issue of course, in games like this you can only totally balance the game around one specific mode, which is Summoner's Rift. Even Twisted Treeline, which has the same basic sort of gameplay as Summoner's Rift, has entirely different skewed balances. That's fine, I'm not complaining about it, but that's a basic fact of the genre.

As a result, Dominion (and Twisted Treeline) are just fun 'side' modes, and they probably can't be made to anything more. IF you want to farm some IP in a quick couple of matches, it's good for that. For serious competitive play though, I'd want to stick to SR.

PS: Much props to their art/music teams that worked on Dominion though. Crystal Scar itself LOOKS great, and the music is very well done too.

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@Enigma777: Hi Gabe.

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@Ardennes: Brad isn't going to push it unless it is made by Valve.

Dominion is a great side game when you don't have time for another 45 minute match. Caitlyn is a lot of fun in this mode.

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Dota could use some variety for sure.

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For whatever reason, Dominion is a bitch to play, even with beginner bots. I've probably lost more Dom matches than won, and it seems like the bots are simply everywhere. Maybe it's poor champ placement on my team's part, but it seems impossible to get a majority of capture points consistently. Maybe I just need to read up on strategy...

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@ardennes said:

I am really surprised Brad hasn't pushed for it.

Is not made by industry darling Valve, Why would they care?