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Posted by Coolarman

Yay basketball.

Posted by WalkerTR77

Virtual Shaq & Ernie's dead eyes are haunting my soul.

Posted by Ronanana

Watch out for the "mild lyrics" everyone. There's no need for anyone to get hurt.

Posted by leejunfan83


Posted by Pop

Those announcers look rough!! But the part at the end was funny.

Posted by hott8bitaction

The uncanny valley is real with this one.

Edited by ashkev

Posted by Faythdream10

The aliens body snatching sports commentators continue their efforts. Glad to see this is also getting a "next gen" PC version, as well.

Edited by Pete0r

Has anybody kept up with that early access basketball game that came out last year? I wonder if they ever made good on their statement about improving the animation and stuff.

Edited by Corevi

EA's Gameface has a better Virtual Shaq

Posted by Xanadu

@faythdream10: Where did you hear that? About PC getting the next gen version? I don't have a new console and skipped purchasing 2k14 on steam last year because screw last gen ports!

Posted by ripelivejam

I looooove dem balls

Edited by cky4890

Ther aren't stopping every 5 seconds for a bull foul this isn't real basketball

Posted by Castiel

Yakkem indeed.

Posted by Karmum
Posted by crapdragoon

It's already out of date, it shows Kevin Love as a Timber Wolf. The rosters are usually accurate to early August. Probably a day one patch.

Edited by DeadPanJazMan

That last part of the video, I... I don't... I can't... What the fuck?

Posted by Orange_Pork

Come on now, we know D Rose isn't coming back this season.

Posted by ViciousBearMauling

Jersey physics are the coolest thing this Generation so far.

Posted by Mr_Creeper



Posted by Steadying

mild lyrics

Posted by Brashnir

I like how the edit of Suck My Kiss is missing like two-thirds of the lyrics.

Posted by ThatOneDork

Ernie and Shaq just sold me on this year's game.

Posted by Chaser324
Posted by Veektarius

@thatonedork: Fuck that. They're missing the only member of that announcing crew that matters.

I'll give you a hint, his name is Charles Barkley.

Skin texturing still needs some work in this gen's sports games. The tech is definitely out there.

Posted by MannyMAR

I'm just glad that the PC is finally getting fully featured release.

Posted by Nomin

Kyle Lowry doesn't drop to the ground at a smidgen of body contact. This isn't real basketball.

Posted by Mister_Mittenz

Sucks that they don't have the whole Inside crew, missing Chuck and Kenny. The four of them is what makes the show so funny and amazing.

Edited by TehJedicake

Bad song.

Can't wait to play this on the glorious PC.

Posted by Beyond_Recall

Imagine being the guy whose job it is to research all the players' tattoos.

Edited by Shindig

Every time I see an NBA 2K trailer it makes me sad that I like Soccer.

Posted by GorillaMoPena

Virtual Ernie Johnson is going to invade my nightmares

Posted by reckreckreck

It's just those eyes. The game is beautiful besides those haunting eyes.

Edited by CommonTerry
Posted by hustlerlt

God dammit, they had to put Shaq in the game... He is easily one of the most annoying basketball analysts out right now, the only two that are worse are Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith. Why couldn't they put in Barkley if they wanted some laughs instead?

Posted by The_Nubster

Holy. Aside from the commentators, that looks amazing.

Posted by GermanBomber

Next gen beard confirmed. Old gen zombie eyes...confirmed.

Posted by Andorski

Didn't see Charles Barkley. 4/10.

Posted by T_wester

So mild lyrics is just a other way of saying bland music right?

Posted by ll_Exile_ll

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a weird choice for a basketball trailer.

Posted by Player1

@andorski said:

Didn't see Charles Barkley. 4/10.

Edited by manbot47

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a weird choice for a basketball trailer.

yes they are

Posted by HS_Alpha_Wolf

Minus the announcers, and the fact that I prefer college basketball to the NBA, this looks pretty fucking amazing. My parents visited recently, and my father and I messed around in MLB The Show on PS4. My mother kept marveling at how close the game looked to real life, I can only imagine what she would say to this.

Posted by Evilsbane

That end section was pretty funny. YAKKEM!

Also game looks fairly sharp.

Posted by Flappy
Posted by AndrooD2

Just give me a game with Ernie Johnson, Shaq, Sir Charles and Kenny Smith doing analysis. No basketball. Just the guys in the studio.

Posted by MeAuntieNora

Apparently football isn't the only sport that has gone robot.

Posted by Coolarman

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a weird choice for a basketball trailer.

Isn't Flea like a huge basketball fan?

Posted by mrcraggle

I see they've moved to the Beard engine for this year

Posted by CustomOtto

Loved the random shot of Tyson Chandler throwing Anthony Davis to the ground.

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