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Great video btw.

Posted by leejunfan83


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Posted by TermlessHalo

That was pretty sick. The music fits very well to the trailer.

Posted by MisterMouse

brings a whole new meaning to Rage Quit.

Posted by Toms115

it's like they took borderlands and fallout and mixed them together! it's really cool in an unoriginal, "hey it looks like i might have played this one before!" sort of way!
sick premise!

Posted by madjake

Looks fantastic!

Posted by RVonE

This does not look compelling to me at all. Also, those facial animations don't look so hot.
Posted by jking47


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I feel like I need to see the game running uncut before I judge it, because I'm getting a big helping of "why are people liking this?" from the trailers so far.

Posted by eezo

Game looks AMAZING! Also, it gives me a Fallout vibe, only it's not shit..

Posted by Skytylz
@damswedon: They had uncut gameplay at E3.
Posted by AxleBro

and war... war never changes...

Posted by habster3

I'm kind of getting a Borderlands vibe. Game looks great!

Posted by Getz

If I was 15 I would be excited by this trailer.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

Not as interesting as previous videos for it, but I'm still excited for the game.

Posted by Raciend

What is that music? Sounds a bit  like Mark Lanegan. 
Btw, might be a cool game =)

Posted by Cheapoz

It's the most impressive looking version of about 5 other games I've ever seen. 
But then there's those 5 other games...

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

ok, NOW it doesn't look or feel like Borderlands, I can get behind this.

Posted by grbear

I'm quite worried about this game. id do good shotguns ( I used the shotgun in Doom 3 far more than was sensible all things considered) but big open areas are not shotgun friendly.

Posted by Xpgamer7

Anarchy A is the best A.    

Posted by SpicyRichter

Was that a Spiderdemon I saw there?

Posted by scottygrayskull

Oh wow. I keep forgetting this game is coming out. Definitely interested in it, and I'm sure that (hopefully) I'll have money to get my computer back and fixed up. :)

Posted by LOZZAT
@Raciend: It is by him, I think it's an original song called "Burning Jacob's Ladder". I'd like to get a hold of it too...
Posted by OneKillWonder_

This game looks better and better every time I see it. Really looking forward to it.

Posted by kevlar907
@Toms115 said:
" it's like they took borderlands and fallout and mixed them together! it's really cool in an unoriginal, "hey it looks like i might have played this one before!"  
Posted by Stokes
@LOZZAT said:
" @Raciend: It is by him, I think it's an original song called "Burning Jacob's Ladder". I'd like to get a hold of it too... "
I thought it sounded like him as well.
Posted by G24S

Borderlands much?

Posted by wewantsthering
@G24S said:
" Borderlands much? "
Totally. Also it just looks like a lot of tight corridors like in their old games, but with a couple driving sections.
Posted by jorbear

I'm going to need to play this before I buy it. There is too much hype for me to trust trailers and even gameplay.

Posted by artofwar420

Love the song, love the facial animations. The whole look of the game seems familiar, but its own thing at the same time. I think I'm excited.

Posted by ComradeKhan

ooooh man. i want.

Posted by JoelTGM

looks good

Posted by Ixpodsix

They have a... cave troll?

Posted by heatDrive88

 I like it. It's the serious version of Borderlands I've always wanted.

Posted by JFetch

I'm feeling burned out on the post apocalyptic setting in games, but if it's good I'll give it a go.

Posted by CrescentFresh

This just makes me want a new Borderlands in a new setting...

Posted by LiquidSwords

really want to check this game out. People have compared it to Borderlands, that is a bad thing for because I spent soooooooooooo many hours on that game. Love Borderlands but it's bad for my health!

Posted by captain_clayman

looks like borderlands with better graphics and most likely better shooting. 
i'm in.

Posted by zityz

This is looking really good.

Posted by DaylightPointer


Posted by Tru3_Blu3

Monster roaring at the end of the trailer. How cliche.

Posted by amomjc

The Trailer is excellent, im still not convinced to jump behind this game, however. The music felt perfect and just the vibe made it almost feel like a movie's trailer.

Posted by DrJota

I'll be the 100th person to say this looks a lot like Borderlands with the color washed out of it by five gallons of bleach and then thrown into a mud puddle.

Posted by hfm

Everyone keeps talking about how Rage is imitating borderlands.. but it was announced a week before borderlands debuted in Game Informer's Sep 2007 issue. And it has not really changed its style since then. These two games were just on a somewhat similar theme and track from the start. There's no biting going on here...

Posted by kelbear

I get the same feeling from it as doom3 and quake4. Cool engine, but generic game. Nothing appealing being shown to me besides technical prowess.

Posted by 1960sSpiderman

Sure is brown.  

Posted by Hef


Posted by Grilledcheez

I'm still sticking with this game...YOU'LL ALL SEE!

Posted by doogz23

yawn...it's been done over and over and over and over

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