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We need a Giant Bomb Chicago DLC where you hack Iron Galaxy, steal scoops from Patrick, and blackout the city during Super Professional Fridays.

Posted by cikame

Well... are you ready?
... to take a trip... ootside the normal?

Posted by Dr_Monocle


(I'll almost certainly be buying this)

Posted by darkjester74

This looks like a Season Pass I may actually buy. Also, I cant tell, are those robot zombies or zombie robots?

Posted by Dimi3je

T-Bone AND fake drugs? hell yeah!

Posted by fargofallout

So season passes are officially a thing that are going to be around for a long time now, right? I mean, this is a game that isn't out yet, is the first game with its name, and isn't guaranteed to have a sequel.

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I like that they show all the boxes other than the Wii U one at the end of the trailer.

Posted by Eaxis

Hey customers, we saw you pre-ordered our game. Are you READY to pay even more for a game that's not out yet!

Posted by Sveppi

Seems like pretty good pack of content, at least it looks completely different from what we've seen from the game so far.

Posted by Hulkamaniac

Digital zombies of the FUTURE!

Posted by SubwayD

Wow! I love T-Bone! He's my favorite character ever. So glad Ubisoft heard all my fan letters (death-threats) and included him as a playable character.

Shit, playing as a Canadian-ass hipster redneck hacker is totally worth paying money blindly up front on a game I've never played before on the faith the content they make is any good.


You've already got a pre-order out of me. Don't push it.

Posted by Amikron

@subwayd: If they didn't announce a season pass people would be bitching about that. I'm just glad it is something I might actually consider purchasing instead of "map packs" and "skins for multiplayer" like so many games shove out there nowadays. If this video came out months back or something that would be one thing, but less than a month before launch I don't really see much issue with it personally.

Posted by Dezinus

Stop buying season passes.

Posted by KenpachiRamaSama

This is not ok. Actually this is utter bullshit honestly. Putting out a new campaign featuring a more interesting character then the MC that I have to pay for? All of these things should have just been part of the main game and its horrible that they are trying to bleed money out of me this hard. Well jokes on them this has convinced me to never buy this game until its basically free on steam.

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Why did they wait so long to show off all the weird shit in this game? I was super doubtful of it until the Unfinished when it showed Techdrugs and Spider Robot, then I was back in, all the way.

Posted by Amikron

@kenpachiramasama: OH MAN YOU SURE SHOWED THEM! Damn they are gonna be so miffed when Ubisoft finds out!

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I hope for season pass owners this content is worth it, but for me a season pass dissuades me from buying a game on day one. I can't help but feel that they just leave content from the main game to sell as DLC.

I know it is highly possible that, if they wanted to have this content in on day one, the game would face a longer dev-cycle and allowing it to be DLC gets the game in stores faster.

But having such an elaborate trailer with actual gameplay and cutscenes just makes the skeptic in me rear it's ugly head.

Posted by tcsajax

Actually, this kinda kills this game for me...I don't really know why. I might pass on this. I'm getting the feeling that this game isn't going to be as awesome as Ubi has made it out to be. I'm smelling an Assassin's Creed 3 here.

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This game isn't even out.

Posted by debrislide

Release the game already. Ubisoft you're trying too hard. Making me second guess my pre-purchase.

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Zombies. Gotta have zombies. Every other game has zombies. Watch Doges needs zombies. Watch Doges has zombies!

Whew, almost slipped one past the rules of the universe and killed us all Ubisoft. Almost. But don't worry. Because Zombies.

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Zombies, zombies, zombies...sigh.

Well, at least there seems to be some other cool stuff in this Season Pass. I might pick it up once the T-Bone DLC hits.

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Virtual cocaine is a hell of a drug.

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My hype for this game has become increasingly flaccid over the past few months. Like a windsock on a calm day.

This whole thing has a very Assassin's Creed vibe to me in that Ubi is doing bare minimum in terms of actual gameplay innovation and squeezing as much money from the consumer out of it as possible until the entire series (don't think this isn't a series) is just a dried twitching husk on the floor. The floor of an unfinished concrete basement. Next to several boxes of teen idol group music cd's. T____T

Also when did we starting calling single player component of non-military games the campaign?

Posted by speedmarque

"All new single player campaign"... The main game is not even out yet. This has turned me off this game massively. I was kind of fifty fifty but not now. This this pre-order/season pass crap has to stop.

Posted by VoshiNova

That's some really dumb shit.

Posted by tourgen

oh man so sweet dude! can I pre-order the season pass too?? That sounds like a smart thing to do.

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Man this shit's so weird.

"You think you know this city? Seen everything?" Fucking NO, I DON'T, because I haven't played your game yet.

This trailer, that line, they'd make a certain amount of sense within the context of a released game that people have played through, but this...this is just so weird.

And it's not even about the DLC being "done at launch" or what have you, because I understand the realities of development, but for fuck's sake, at least wait to market this to me until after I've played the game...right? Like, wouldn't this whole thing be more appealing as a change of pace from something I've already played and come to feel comfortable with, than from a hypothetical video game that I haven't even gotten to play yet? Is the base game so stock that we need to be promised that there's SOMETHING different around the corner, just to hold our attention?

I could see the argument being that the market's fickle and you need to hook people early, but if the market's that fickle towards your games, maybe you should think about ways to build them out with more substance so that people stick with them longer, or build more memorable experiences that leave people wanting more.

This? This just seems weird. Not offensive, or rage inducing, or anything of the sort: just weird. To be fair, video games are SUPER WEIRD right now, but that doesn't make this any less baffling an approach to me, and it doesn't stop me from asking a MILLION questions about the state of the main game if this is already being sold as the CRAAAZZYYY weird side story that'll change things up, since, you know, I was kind of hoping Watch Dogs itself would already serve as a change of pace (okay so maybe I've given up on that already, but that's of little import).

But then, I'm no businessman; I haven't seen the graphs, so what the hell do I know.

Posted by Shivoa

Well this makes me want to wait for the reasonably priced GotY edition to be on the cheap next year before buying Watch_Dogs. Well played Ubisoft: by not making your Season Pass look like a cheap cash-grab but a significant extension of the content you've got me more than ready to wait for you to finish this game and sell it as a complete product rather than buying the first chunk and a promise for the rest later.

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Oh. Look. A zombie mode.

Thanks for releasing this video though. Lets me know before the game is even out that I should just wait for a GOTY edition (if the game turns out to be good, anyway).

Posted by Jobim

@amikron: Why do you mock people with sound principles? Pathetic behavior. He got a point, and I am sure it came across to you, though he could have phrased it better, but no let*s just mock him instead and act as a corporate lapdog, because you have told yourself that THIS GAME, this game is going to be GREAT! Goodness me, the internet is full of idiots.

Posted by yellownumber5

So wait... the game isn't out yet right? Am I mistaken? Why are they selling DLC if they have yet to sell the proper game?

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I seem to get less excited for this game every day

Posted by Darek006


Posted by TreeTrunk

dlc already? ok I will wait until the game gets a discount before I buy so that I don't feel ripped off.

Posted by Salvatron

Welp, there goes my desire to preorder. So Trevor, er.. I mean uh.. T-Bone is now a playable character... ok.

Posted by NeoZeon

Hate me if you want, but I'd buy the season pass right now if I could. The content seems at least more varied than most season passes...and contains more by the looks of it.

Then again, it's become fashionable to hate Watch Dogs lately for whatever reason so have at it folks - I do like that nonsense going on around this game though. People get mocked for liking the game before it's out...only so those same people mocking them can bash the game that they've also never played. Sweet sweet hypocrisy baby!

I just want to play it and this video hasn't changed that opinion at all.

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So now we know the real reason the game was delayed 6 months.

Posted by MichiganJack
@dezinus said:

Stop buying season passes.


This stuff is just so gross.

I seem to get less excited for this game every day

Same here.

Posted by tariqari

this trailer is huge turn off for me. I don't know what they were thinking with putting this trailer out. A trailer for DLC when the game isn't out yet? And what's all this hype in the comments about T-Bone? Is that a joke? I'm pretty sure no one has played the game to even know who "t-bone" is let alone be excited about him.

I guess I'll be cancelling my preorder on this and maybe, just maybe buy it when it's like 5 bucks. And maybe not even then.

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Posted by DukesT3

I liked They Live.

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Game releases have become weird you guys. Triple A and the indie scene.

Really, really weird.

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Watch Dogs: SpeedTree Edition

Posted by GreasyWeasel

The season pass includes all of the digital stuff that is in the collectors edition of the game so unless you want the physical tat that it includes there is now zero reason to get the stupidly overpriced collectors edition.

Posted by DayOneAdvantage

DLC looks pretty good. I especially like the They Live stuff at the end.

What I don't like is being shown two minutes of gameplay footage for DLC that isn't apart of a $60 game that is still a month away from release.

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@hammondoftexas: as long as there is a mission where I get to kick dave lang in the balls as dr.tracksuit

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