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Posted by Nilhelm

What a crazy name for a game

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I thought the caption meant this is a Katawa Shoujo video.

edit: ok wow this looks great.

Posted by MisterMouse

yeah sure why not

Posted by shadowthrone

What is this...I don't even....

Posted by DarthOrange

Hooray! Only a few more months.

Posted by djames216

Whoop-de-doo, another zombie game.

Posted by PhatSeeJay

DAT.. severed head... Moving on!

Posted by mnzy

Looks reasonable.

Posted by Shinmaru007

Suda 51 is the greatest.

Posted by maskedarcstrike

Gotta love Suda humor. I actually got a few chuckles from this vid. "I kind of, sort of, fucking love you"

Posted by Slaegar

Dat bass

Posted by RE_Player1

I skipped out on Shadows of the Damned, which I regret, but I'm totally picking this up. Looks like another weird Suda game which I'm down for.

Posted by Zaccheus

I really like the WB Games thing.

Posted by lokey013

Looks like a game I'd love to play!!! Weirdness and all =P

Posted by buhssuht

Dat ass and DAT panty shot

Posted by CaptainTightPants

That kind of, sort of, looks fucking great.

Posted by MindOST

Alright, Suda. I was apprehensive about this game at first, but you're starting to win me over.

Posted by akeripper4

donkeys confused..........must not fap

Posted by MeatSim

Suda 51 but zombies so conflicting.

Posted by PenguinDust

Crazy insane. Looks good, but I find her remarks against pervs rather funny considering the costumes she wears in the Premium Edition of the game, well at least the Japanese version. Someone is being perverted somewhere in her world. Yes, it's pandering; I don't care. I never get pissed off over such things, but I do often find the gratuitousness hilarious.

Posted by Construc

After playing Shadows of the Damned, and loving it, I will probably have to get this. Looks insanely twisted and awesome!

Posted by Grnd_Lb_Knt

Well, least this is getting some marketing. A bit off-putting but good for the game I'm sure.

Posted by Vortextk

Wow having that explained makes the game look even better.

Posted by Hadoken101

This game looks fucking ridickulus as the RZA would say.

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Posted by freakin9

That guy's a keeper. Good for her that she found someone so great.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

This game looks silly. I'm on board.

Posted by shinluis

Looking.. forward.. to this... I guess..??


I guess

Posted by myslead

wait a minute

what is this? first preview I saw of this game, I was like heeeell no, but now I am so confused because the trailer looks so awesome.

Posted by JackSukeru

Doesn't look like it will disappoint!

Oh and then there's probably gameplay or something which I guess we can't be fully sure of yet but whatever..

Posted by Saryy42

Can't wait for this game to come out. Hobbies include badminton bass guitar and masturbation. :D

Posted by super2j

this is mad crazy... did anyone else get a "stalker girl friend" feel from that main character girl? also, couldnt she just cut off his arm?

Posted by MikeGosot

Masturbation. The best hobby ever.  Also, they look like they're adding some cool gameplay stuff, which is always good.

Posted by Chemin

Yup, still interesting.

Posted by Heartagram

This is probably going to be my GOTY

Posted by PenguinDust

@super2j said:

this is mad crazy... did anyone else get a "stalker girl friend" feel from that main character girl? also, couldnt she just cut off his arm?

Absolutely, I think there's a kind of Ken and Barbie vibe to the pair as well. I think back to Toy Story 2 and 3 and I can see those characters in this game. Just a bit more messed up.

Posted by mlarrabee

The head wasn't alive in previous trailers, right?

If it was first-person I'd be on board for the insanity; I've just played too many third-person zombie games.

Plus, first-person wouldn't have all of those PEDOPHILE! up-skirt shots.

Posted by vinsanityv22

I don't know why, but this reminds me of Madworld. There was no decapitated head attacks in that game though, so I don't know why I'm getting the vibes. Still, it's nice to see there's more to this game than brawling with zombies. Its looked like a spiritual successor to No More Heroes since they started showing it, but NMH had the hooks of those amazing boss fights and mini games. Lollipop Chainsaw needs more than just the brawling, and now we know there's gonna be weird decapitation-based puzzles.

Posted by oscar

Based on the title, I thought it would be a dumb game trying to be edgy, but I kinda liked the the premise and the dialog. The gameplay also looks interesting and It's great to see that the dude's head is actually gonna serve a purpose.

Posted by avantegardener

This actually seems kinda cool even with excessive zombie fatigue.

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@buhssuht said:

Dat ass and DAT panty shot.

And dat severed head.

Posted by FengShuiGod

I just....I mean.....I....

Posted by Gav47

So hes like Johnson from Shadows of the Damned.

Posted by LaserLambert

@djames216: yeah i mean a ditsy chainsaw weilding cheerleader with a talking severed head for a boyfriend, PUHLEEEEZ TRY SOMETHING ORIGINAL

Posted by DrJota

Well,that's a way to get...a head of the competition....

Tip your waiter.

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Posted by Dread612

No thanks.

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Directed by Suda 51... That explains everything.

Posted by m16mojo2

"Wanna have babies some day, Nick?" Wow....