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Posted by Luffer

I seem to have scored a hat-trick here... going to give up while I'm ahead now, I'm not really getting the whole "first" craze. It's all a bit shallow and pointless.

Posted by F1

yet you find yourself doing it, luffer. omg.

Posted by Luffer

Yeah, kind of ironic really, but for some reason I just couldn't resist the urge when I saw no comments. But I've done it now, it's really not that great. Who really cares who gets the first post? What matters is what you have to say. So, I've been there, got the t-shirt and now I can go back to just posting sensible meaningful messages and comments.

Posted by ISmoochyI

you guys should have a "banzai" hands in the air raiting

Posted by imayellowfellow

man i miss all those viddler comments hahaha

Posted by xplodedd

i miss these.

Posted by Skeetz

perhaps they need a new alarm system?
jeff must have been defleaed too with the amount of time spent in there!!!

Posted by CylonAndrew

You beter soundproof the podcast space because of the trafic noise.

Posted by mrsmiley

oh man you guys are acting like it's an anthrax outbreak or something. hilarious!

Posted by Civraz

Oh man, these are tooooo funny!

Posted by angryemu

Pictures for review scores? Gamepro says "hi!"

Posted by durden77

"JUST GET OUT!!!!" lol I love this site.

Posted by IndieBoy

Crazy peoples!

Posted by retwakm

this websites awesome

Posted by SinGulaR

Jeff almost left us that day :D

Posted by Mrbrandneweverythang

jeffery you crazy

Posted by Fleppie

Just came & watched these again, it's great to see the start of Giant Bomb. A real inspiration.

Posted by Residentrevil2

Hilarious video...  Crazy stuff...  Fantastic! 

And now Flea-less. 

Posted by Kraznor

Oh weird, this video doesn't play to the end anymore. At least it didn't for me. Did Jeff make it out in time?

Posted by UnsolvedParadox
@Kraznor said:
" Oh weird, this video doesn't play to the end anymore. At least it didn't for me. Did Jeff make it out in time? "
Oh, you know it! Video plays fine for me.
Posted by MachoFantastico

Remember laughing my ass off to this. 

Posted by slyspider


Posted by Agent47CSim2

Our first glimpse of Sean.

Posted by jt1080

Awesome :)

Posted by Deusoma

Man, Jeff looks so haggard when he comes out after the unsuccessful alarm disarm.

Edited by ZmillA

many fleas gave their life for this site *salute*

Posted by Aarny91


Posted by GaZZuM

This was the point where I went "Game-specific forums?!? That's awesome madness!!!" God I love Giantbomb.

Posted by darkjester74

Oh so humble beginnings...

Posted by kollay

I love how Jeff always wiggle his fingers when he's about to open something.

Posted by King_wiL

just watching these for the first time after being a fan of the site for the last couple of years. was that re-entry a mission to save Persona 4? cause it sure looked like that was the game in hand :D

Posted by Meptron


Posted by Y2Ken

Damn I love these, it's been so long and I remember seeing them back then. I love how excited Jeff in particular seems, it's like he knew how good it was going to become all along...

Posted by Moridin
@King_wiL: It was a re-entry to get the other flea bomb can for the upstairs of the office. Haha.
Posted by XxXGenesisXxX


Posted by papercut


Posted by MetalGearSunny

This brings back so much memories.

Posted by Obsidian


Posted by LucyGlitter


Posted by Red12b

leteristic of lateness regarding the fate of late

Posted by Nickness534

God of Last

Posted by superscatman

I love these videos.

Edited by Scrumdidlyumptious

What happened to Giantfleabomb.com anyway?

Posted by Zaccheus

You guys have come a long way.

Posted by Arc209

wow apparently that alarm system is tricky...and flea bomb instructions

Posted by KarlPilkington


Posted by Ghost407

These are so good!  Why haven't I seen these yet!?

Posted by MrBubbles

jeez i never realized that coonce has been with them from the beginning

Posted by Bratcher_Lev

I always wondered where they got the ugly orange plaid couch.

Posted by brophdog

2012 what up

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