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The first look at Luchadeer (Unmasked)! Also for some reason I want the Tokyo Drift poster now...

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that is one sweeeeeet looking office!

suggestion for the deer: 
put a cigarette in his mouth and put a "john deer" hat on his head ;)
thats what i did haha
Posted by Skeetz

the office is shaping up very nicely, looks like a great place to work.

Posted by Sentry

I would totally love to be a camera man there, maybe not for the professional stuff but atleast for everything else (casual) like this, the tremble is horrible in these, I have the steadicam, helps greatly. You could practically jump and run with this thing and it would stay smooth. You guys need that. Ever need a free guy in the future, im the guy.

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Well, that is one cool office. Hope that couch is flee free! Also, that deer is prety rad.

Posted by mawfu

The deer looks into your soul, if you stare to long it we take it.

Posted by brotherxrussia

Deer + Couch= Possible reason for fleas.

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You guys have the most kickass job.

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Hehe, nice video guys

Posted by ScottEFresh

I really thought it was funny that deer was dead.

Posted by retwakm

awesome, i wish i had a job like that

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Wow, Luchadeer was totally called Game Deer

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Great insight on how websites are made!

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Lucha Deer is just Game Deer's stage name.

Posted by Hashbrowns

Perhaps Game Deer is his "face" name and Lucha Deer is his "heel" persona.
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COBRA... best quote,, " i know i have an attitude problem. but its a little one" best movie ever
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Giantbomb has always had awesome music.

Posted by Emiel

What's the song? It's awesome

Posted by Daveyo520
@Coltonio7 said:
"Wow, Luchadeer was totally called Game Deer "

Someone in the comments in the blog version of the site called him luchadeer after many other comments trying to give him a name and it stuck from then on.
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go on

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Game deer lol

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Insert random dog... NOW!

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Oh man.. this feels like so long ago.

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Holy shit you guys have had those Tokyo Drift and Cobra posters since the beginning

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Oh man, I forgot about Titan.

Posted by Lydian_Sel

Check out that old Xbox UI. Takes me back.

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@Emiel said:
" What's the song? It's awesome "
Did you ever find out?  I'd like to know too.
Posted by DJJoeJoe
@CosmicQueso said:
@Emiel said:
" What's the song? It's awesome "
Did you ever find out?  I'd like to know too.
Like most of the music stuff, especially the early stuff, it's prolly midnight brown.
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Great to revisit these videos, but I'm kinda sad now. Time does fly!