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lol, and now we know the secret of your success: the all-important Printer.

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Good idea to keep that trash can close to those copies of Iron Man. It's bound to come in handy.

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mmmmm IN-N-OUT Burger...

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I have the same printer!

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So when is the printer getting its own animated character?

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I have the same printer TOO! OMZOD!

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I want that deer!

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Woah, I have 2 cameras like that, or very similar at the least.

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 Luchadeer and the printer need to be animated.

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I've never been to Delaware.

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Wayne's World = Awesome

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The writing's on the wall.

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Is that printer still around and If not, then why not?

Great video...

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'They get to travel all over the world...like ... Delaware

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The occasional Wayne's World reference always gets me.

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Wayne's World!

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Best ending to any video ever made, ever.

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Hahaha, didn't know luchadeer was real. That was perfect.

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dide your shirt is bananas
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Work harder, one word over each of the two PCs. That was funny.

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Wow, that room is WAY bigger than it looked in that first look at the place.

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'2 da ramps'

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...this printer.

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I have that same printer. also... 
...I'm in Delaware..."
awesome movie. 

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That's a pritty sweet printer.

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It's crazy going back to these videos and seeing how the printer was way back then.

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wow and just think of how far they have come.

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Props to Jeff for the Wayne's World reference.

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This seems like it was AGES ago, but it's really only been a bit over two years...

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Whoa, 2012. Who would have thought Giant Bomb would be back in the Gamespot offices and we'd have hoverboards. I didn't.

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Oh my God... I have the same printer... 6 years later... not a good sign...