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Good cop or bad cop. At least you're an actual cop.
Can't wait.

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Wow...just wow.I am even more hyped now.Rockstar does a great job when it comes to marketing.They did it excellent with RDR and they are doing it again.

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I really want this game to be good, but "intuition points"  which make pieces of evidence glow? Hmmm...

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Can't wait to play this. 
Definitely a day one buy, looks great, love the setting 
Though i wonder if there is an over arching story rather than just doing case after case 

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Wow... those facial expressions, awesome.

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omg omg, so excited.

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Seems like a really cool adventure game.

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Red Dead Redemption was a surprise GOTY for me. I'm hoping Rockstar makes it a double with this game. I've yet to see anything that would make me think otherwise. I'm hyped.

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Damn this looks good

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@ 02:17, is that the cop from Heroes?

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I've already decided thanks to this trailer that I'm going to be the kind of cop who does whatever it takes to deal with a crime. Looks so, so good! :D

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God I want this game...

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Looks interesting. The punching looks kinda sloppy though.

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This can't work the way they claim it does, that would be way too perfect.

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Looks very interesting. 
Also: 1:15

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This is so awesome. Jesus. I'm scared that it won't be as good as it seems it will.

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After being in development for so long, it still weirds me out every time new video comes out about this game. It looks so sick!

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Yay! Its half the cast of Mad Men. Game looks good not sure how fun it is going to be to actually play though or how long it will be. 

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Getting a real HBO vibe from this game (and it's not just due to Mad Men actors). 
Looks great, even with the weird stare the characters have. 

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Law and Order the game. That's all I want. That's all I've ever wanted.

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this is getting better and better by the trailers.

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I've been following this pretty much since it was announced ages ago with no information other than it was a PS3 exclusive, and eventually a CGI trailer added to that. Even though I have a PS3, I'm so glad this is multi-platform, because it looks absolutely brilliant and I wouldn't want too many people to miss out. It's a bit of a shame for PC gamers though... I guess they just have to sit this game out like with Read Dead Redemption.

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Come on Rockstar… Bring it (and RDR) to the PC. =[

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Damn that shit looks good.

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Man, is there something Rockstar can't do?! How come noone else makes games like this? I tell you why. Talent! Some super-smart, mega-talented people work their. But being talented and/or smart isn't enough. As Warren Spector once said, a burning passion is needed in practically anything you do in life if you want to achieve great things. 
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I bet Don Draper is the final boss.

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The more I see about this game the more excited I get. Even though Rockstar isn't developing it, it's pretty fucking clear it's basically a Rockstar game.

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@G24S said:
" @ 02:17, is that the cop from Heroes? "
I immediately thought the same thing.
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Recognizing so many actors. A lot from Mad Men. 
So hype right now. 

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Damn, this game looks good.

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@GunnBjorn:  Well it's Team Bondi and Rockstar together on this projekt, so I will not give all credit to Rockstar, which alot of people seem to do.
Ps. Warren Spector 8-)
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Ahhh I think I'm getting too hyped for this game, I hope it doesn't let me down!

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Weirdly, the weakest part of this game looks to be the combat. Will be interesting to see how they balance it out with the narrative stuff.

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Really looking forward to this game...looks AMAZING.

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@G24S said:

" @ 02:17, is that the cop from Heroes? "

Sure is. I feel that every time I see a new trailer I see a new familiar face, like him (Greg Grunberg) and John Noble.
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But I must say I'm a bit worried there will be to much hand holding in the game it diden't seem like there was alot of help when on a crimescene, and in the interregation scenes basicly when people have said anything you have to decide if you belive them or not, and prove it, it's a bit like Ace Atourney, from the previews I have read around on the net, kotaku and so on.
But I'll guess I just have to see when the game is out 8-)

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It looks like you have an infinite amount of time to make choices, which is kind of weak from an immersion perspective.

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Phoenix Wright except you can cap some fools. SOLD!

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Looks yummy, I could eat this game for dinner.

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Is the whole cast of Mad Men in this game :P?

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can't wait

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This game looks amazing.  Will defiantly be playing this.

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Not convinced on the game itself but goddamn those facial animations are amazing.

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 This game hits uncanny valley so bad for me. If you just look at the face, sure everything is fine, but the way it's slapped on to an animated body is just creepy.

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It looks like fun. I wonder how interactive it'll be though and how much of it will simply be cut-scenes.

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@Sweep said:
" Weirdly, the weakest part of this game looks to be the combat. Will be interesting to see how they balance it out with the narrative stuff. "
I think combat has been the weakest part of all Rockstar games. I really hope the narrative is about 90% of the game and the combat is just a minor role.
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this game looks incredible, I don't know if it'll be fun, but it's beautiful to look at, and the best facial animations I've ever seen.  And it's good they realize there has to be great voice acting to go with a great visual performance.  That's what I found odd about Heavy Rain, looked great, but only occasionally did the voice fit the face.

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I like how you can tell who that actors are by the character facials. The only thing I'm not really liking is that they had to do things twice, once for body motion, and another for facial. So they're both seperate and I don't know if it'll match entirely each time. I hope this game is great, and I think it's looking amazing so far, but is it just me, or does a lot of what's been shown so far all just seem too much like a one trick pony? Or... four trick pony. Investigate, interrogate, drive, shoot, investigate, interrogate, drive, shoot, and so on in a different order.
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@S0ndor said:
" Is the whole cast of Mad Men in this game :P? "
I have to say, I love that about the game so far haha.  Get me some Mrs. Draper and I'm all set!!